Race Day – 6am Till Viewing From Cinderella Castle.

Lights Camera Action; Ann and I were on HIGH ALERT waiting for the women run up toward Cinderella’s Castle and run down from it.

There was a correct 1st assumption that Princess Dawn would be the 1st Your Turn Inspirator to cross my path.



She was so high, the runner high that keeps us wanting to keep up with any amount of training that comes with the desired goal.

Anticipated next Princess Your Turn Inspirator would either be Rene and Lindsey or Karen.

Princess Karen

Princess Karen

She too was beautiful and HIGH as a runner can get.

I didn’t know who to expect next but my trusty partner, Ann, was on the other side of the castle as the runners were running up through “Downtown USA” keeping a look out and calling me as she spotted the SAFETY GREEN Your Turn shirts. She had such a great spot that she could see the whites of their eyes and feel the sweat of their faces.

Princess Dana and Prince Nick

Princess Dana and Prince Nick

When Dana and Nick I expected to feel her excitement but wasn’t expecting the pin on her shirt that stated simply ENGAGED PRINCESS. What an exceptional experience!

So unfortunately we missed, because of the masses Rene, Lindsey and Cyndi running out from Cinderella’s Castle.

Next up I got the call from Ann…Melissa has been spotted however, the camera card was full, “make sure you get her”, meaning the picture.

It was not that easy..masses were walking, running and moving chaotic muck trying to find their families, getting the perfect spot to get the photo taken in perfect proximity to the castle.

Minutes and minutes passed with me standing at the ready scanning the face and shirt color for Melissa. Hundreds of women were coming down and around the curve from the castle…too many now for me to pick out one single person. All the faces were blending together, every shirt color seemed to be SAFETY GREEN.


There she was, Melissa.





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