Good morning ladies,

A worked for, MONUMENTAL week is finally here!!! 

1 year ago in January Dawn and I sat across from Melissa and listened to her tell us her secret desire, her secret goal….too wild to tell her family.  She dreamed of running 13.1 miles in the Disney Princess ½ Marathon.  At the time that Melissa was telling us her secret she hadn’t run a step in years, was certainly overweight, and stuck in a status quo life.  She had given away her most prized possession, her health, to take care of her family BUT she was ready to take it back. 

I, crying like a ninny and Dawn, smiling ear to ear said “LET’S GO, WE’LL DO THIS”.  And so, a journey was set in motion. 

Fast forward to February 20th 2013, we are 4 sleeps away from the MAGICAL race itself, 1 sleep away till we fly.  However, the best part is….this trip isn’t only Melissa’s dream.  This dream also belongs to Karen, Lindsey (who lives in Florida), Rene, Dana, Joyce, Dawn, and Cyndi; all of them Your Turn Inspirators.  The 5K became a target race for Ann, our Board President and a HUGE CHEERLEADING opportunity for me!!!

What Melissa started by merely stating her secret dream allowed others to state their secret dream.  She gave permission for other women to be self-indulgent and shoot for the stars! 


I will be blogging about this trip on our blog site, full with pictures and video beginning tomorrow at Your Turn Blog, Your Chosen Inspirator  .  Get ready for a HOLY SHIT, HELL YES, CHEERLEADING RIDE right along with us! 

Think you can’t shoot for the stars?  Too afraid you’ll be laughed at?  Assume you won’t make it there?  STOP IT and SPEAK OUT!  Your dream is NEVER yours alone; there is ALWAYS someone else who has that dream too.  All you have to do is speak it out loud and we’ll figure it out together how to get it done!

Happenings Today:

9-11:30am – Morning Sampler – Just Move Fitness and More – Your Turn will be there inspiring, if you would like to share your inspiration and Get A Sweat On please join me! 

Sample FREE mini-classes of our fun morning fitness offerings and FREE snacks from East Egg and get a taste of what Just Move Fitness & More is all about! (just come for the workout, inspiration or the snacks) FREE Childcare Available

                 9-10am –  Zumba Gold, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Toning, Hoop Core

                 10:15-11:15am –  R.I.P.P.E.D., WERQ, Yoga Groove, Ballet Core

6pm – “Mock” 5K Race – Bronson Athletic Club – This is for our ½ Marathon Trainees but I still need cheerleaders, and volunteers to help me set up.

7pm – Your Turn Gathering – Gaining Strength – Join us to learn about what building strength does for your body, mind and spirit with a Personal Trainer willing to help you figure out your next fitness step.

The donations you have sent in and the ones still to come are NOT paying for our trip to Florida BUT the donations do go keep Your Turn alive so when YOU want to share a secret dream Your Turn is there to hear it.  $3 twice a year is all we are asking for to support all that Your Turn is doing and will continue to do to support you!  Thank you for your support Share The Love 

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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