Good morning ladies,
I want YOU to succeed because as you do, so do I.
Day 18 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is today.  Each day in the challenge there is a “centering thought” and today’s was about unity.    
I was told and asked not too long ago, “you really care about each person”; I was asked, “Don’t you get frustrated when you hear excuse after excuse why someone can’t do (fill in the blank)”?  The answer I gave was so truthful because I believe in unity; I believe we are all one.  When you are challenged, I understand because in so many ways in my own life I am challenged.  When you feel defeated, I fully understand because I feel defeated in my own ways.  There isn’t one of us that don’t have some small challenge that they are going through; not bad or good, it just is.  We are all connected.
The same is true for when YOU succeed, as do I.  I feel your success because I am too successful in so many ways in my life.  I feel your excitement because I know what reaching a goal is about and the high that can bring.  In my tummy I can feel the love that comes when you feel so proud of yourself and that feeds my own pride.  We are meant to feed off of one another.
I know I’ve mentioned this book time after time but Connected is so amazing because it SHOWS scientifically how we are connected, how when you succeed I succeed and when you fail so do I. 
Collectively as a group, based upon the model of Connected, we reach exponential numbers.  Just the tribe Your Turn reaches just over 600 women, if you calculate that each person has an impact on 3 removed (example; 1 know Suzie, Suzie knows Karen, Karen knows Marie, I don’t know Karen or Marie – that is what 3 removed is meant to represent) from each person we know then our numbers are in the hundreds of thousands.  Collectively what we do each day for the benefit of our body, mind and spirit in a positive or negative way is vibrating around the world.  The goals you are achieving are resonating with someone you don’t even realize and it is helping them to understand that they too can set and achieve goals.  We are all connected.
In our daily lives the smiles we give, the words of encouragement received and the kindness in the eyes; you are giving what you are meant to receive.  Even so is the harsh tone, the verbal smack, the daggers that you shoot from your eyes you are also to receive.  You are not alone, not in the GREAT, nor in despair.  Unity, I love it!
It is STILL Share The Love month; Unity is also for Your Turn, as Your Turn succeeds so do you and I.  Please be willing to donate $3 during this month so we are able to continue the connections.  If you have already donated, we appreciate it and thank you, if not, please click on the link and donate here  Share The Love   If you have a problem with the donation link, please let me know. 
I have been so out of the loop over this past week; it feels good to be back.
Happenings This Week
  • 5pm – Otsego High School – ½ Marathon and 5K Training
  • 6pm – Fluid Process – 5K Training
  • 6pm – HELP NEEDED – ½ Marathon Training – We are having a MOCK 5K and I need CHEERLEADERS and helpers at the “finish” line.  Please let me know if you are interested and willing (it’ll be FUNZIES)
  • 7pm – Your Turn Gathering – Bronson Athletic Club – Gaining Strength
  • 9:30am – Group Meditation – Your Turn Office
  • 12:15pm – ½ Marathon Training – Bronson Athletic Club
Get Your Sweat On
Your Turn

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