Love and Strength

Good Morning,
One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did. That is a quote that a YT inspirator posted on my facebook page.
This month as you know is “Share the Love with Your Turn” We have been blessed with meeting so many inspirational women that have given their time and positive energy to Your Turn over the last year. Listening to Glenda the aquatics director at the Greater Kalamazoo YMCA talk about strength and the energy of Tai Chi and the comfort of water, the sparkle as she spoke reaffirmed my faith in why I make myself exercise. Studies have shown that strength training can reverse the effects of osteoporosis. The stronger the muscles are that surround and control your joints can help prevent the progression of arthritis. Muscle requires circulation and oxygen, improved strength improves circulation and metabolism. Your muscles provide stability and posture.
Strength training does not have to be two hours of heavy weights in a gym. It should be started gradually. Push ups on the wall, Body weight squats every time you sit down hover over the chair (or toilet), stand and sit 5 times every time! Fill empty milk jugs half full with water stand up with your back to a wall and do bicep curls as you get stronger fill the jugs with more water. For more simple strength training ideas come to the Bronson Athletic Club Wednesday February 20 7:00 p.m.
Today is Fat Tuesday in my home. We have a fat breakfast and then fill the trash with any junk food that has accumulated in the house. Today is a great day to Spring Clean the Kitchen, Body and Soul.
Get Your Sweat On!

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