Sent Intention

Good morning ladies,

I remember a time when the people in my life were full of piss and vinegar.  We would bitch to each other on the phone, bitch about others, complain about one thing or another within our families.  It seemed that everyone around me was in a negative state but I didn’t know it could be different.

I began putting out the intention 1 ½ years ago that I wanted friends in my life that were kind, had a happy outlook on life and wanted to spread joy and make positive changes in their community.  Amazingly enough, as though by magic, I began noticing that those more negative friends weren’t bitching to me or I wasn’t bitching to them.  I began to notice that the new friends coming into my life had the desire for more and better things in their lives.  Conversations became about what we were doing, how we were learning, what kind of difference we wanted to make AND the differences we were making.

I didn’t LOSE my old friends it just seemed that the friendships changed without my having to TELL them that I wanted them to change, like I said magic.  Last night I sat around a table filled with women I didn’t know 1 year ago; we were there for a cause.  Your Turn was asked to support the mission of Domestic And Sexual Assault Services and put on a 5K RACE.  Have we done this before, no.  Does that mean we won’t try, NO.  A group of women sat around a table with an agenda at hand and busted out the HOW TO get this done.  There wasn’t any, “what’s in it for me”; instead, it was, “I’ll help where I can”.

Another new friend of mine said, at the last Meet and Greet, that the different about being a part of these women within Your Turn is that we don’t complain or criticize, instead we encourage and support.

It’s all about intention.  You get what you put out; the women of Your Turn are putting out there support, love and friendship and that is EXACTLY what they are getting back.

Today Your Turn and Glenda are offering to YOU a Gathering; the conversation will be around STRENGTH.  We know how powerful it feels to be strong and we want to share that knowledge.

GOAL:  It is still February, thankfully for some, and Your Turn is having their Share the Love Fundraising Drive.  We have a goal of $3 from each woman who is involved in YT in anyway; whether it’s you only read the most morning email, follow the blog, have ever been to a Gathering, socialize with us at the Meet and Greet or participate in our programs.  We are asking that you SHOW THE LOVE to YT by giving a gift of $3, less than the cost of a mocha and a muffin.  Your Turn is all about supporting others and we are looking to you to support us.  If you have donated, and quite a few of you have, we THANK YOU and you can ignore us until next time.  If you haven’t, please do so; it’s for a GREAT cause!  DONATE

Happenings This Week:


  • 10am – Your Turn Gathering, Gaining Strength – Maple St. YMCA
  • 5pm – YT C25K Allegan Co – Otsego High School


  • 6pm – YT C25K Kalamazoo – Fluid Process in WUM BTR Park
  • 7pm – YT Board Meeting – Your Turn Office, 3234 S. Westnedge


  • 5:45pm – YT ½ Marathon Training Kalamazoo – Gazelle Sports


  • 9:30am – YT Group Mediation – Your Turn Office, 3234 S. Westnedge


  • 12:15pm – YT ½ Marathon Training Kalamazoo – Bronson Athletic Club

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn




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