Brain Peace

Good morning ladies,

Your Turn has so much to do with movement, I believe that movement not only moves the body but it also gives time and space for the mind to move from a place of angst or negativity toward peace and stillness.  My therapist told me quite some time ago that a runners brain is much like that of a meditators brain.  Now, I don’t scientifically know or understand what those brains look like in an MRI but I do know what my brain feels like having been doing both regularly. 

People understand movement; they understand when we talk about health and wellbeing as optimal weight or idea fitness ability for their age and size.  People don’t always understand that health and wellbeing isn’t only those things we can see, and even many of those things we can see cannot be truly transformed without the mind and spirit coming to join them.  I think so often of how many women WORK SO HARD to get the body of their dreams only to let it go and get back to their old state of depression or physical size.  Why do you think that is?  I think it is because they haven’t really dealt with the true issues that made them that way in the first place; dealing with the mind and spirit can help break that cycle.

Yesterday, and Thursdays to come at 9:30am, Your Turn and Mary Beth are hosting meditation clinics.  We are doing this because I feel the difference in my life when I am meditating regularly and I want others to feel the same benefit.  To me it is no different than running is for my body, it makes me feel FREE!  Free of the constant conversations in my head, free of the thoughts of doom around the next corner; meditation gives peace in the mind and once the mind can be at peace, even for just a few moments, the body can follow suit. 

I invite each of you to join us in our meditation sessions.  I know for so many you haven’t ever done such a hokey thing, that’s ok; some of the other YT Inspirators who are joining us haven’t ever done it before either.  There’s really nothing to it, you just sit and listen to a cd, not scary or hokey at all.  It’s like anything else, just super good to do healthy things for ourselves together.

Get Your Peace On

Your Turn


ps, thank you for all the love that was shown to me after Wednesday’s email.  I am doing much better thanks to friendship, running and meditation.  Normal Mel is back in business!


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