Good morning ladies, I am feeling a little uncertain this morning so bare with me.

Owning mistakes.  Uncertainty about the future.  Moving forward anyway.  This is where I am and it is hard.  I feel for the past 2 years I have been coming to terms with past decisions in my life and striving for a new life that is beyond my wildest dreams.  See, I am a dreamer.  I believe the impossible dreams, I always have.  When everyone else was planning their lives I was doing the Mel dance of my life is great even when it was not.  I always had hope.  I never let things get me down for too long even when I would get punched, punched and punched.  The truth is I don’t think I like reality very much, I like the world I have created in my mind.

In my dream world I have children who aren’t mouthy and who follow the rules I set.  My dream world is filled nice cars and a nice home.  My dream world is filled with love and understanding.  My dream world is filled with chocolate filled pastries and 10 mile easy runs.  In my dream world all things are easy, flow and reach my desired outcome.  I live in my dream world more often than not.  I like it there.

But, reality pulls their arm back and gives me a punch in the gut that snaps me out of my comfy spot and says you have decisions to make.  The problem with this isn’t the punch, it’s the decisions that I don’t know how to make.  I don’t always seem to make the right ones; I fumble, screw it up but keep pressing on.  Here’s what I know, I don’t always have to make the right decisions as long as I keep making them.  I am not afraid of the screw up, I’m afraid of the time I don’t get back up. 

So this morning, I cried through writing this email.  Am beginning to feel the determination to hop back into my dream world where I feel comfortable and press on.  Toward what you may ask, toward changing the world!

The problem isn’t that I am a dreamer; the problem only becomes a true problem when I stop being one.

Your Turn is doing everything we can to support you.  We want YOU to feel support when you wake up and feel the way I did, we want to help you keep pressing on.  For us to do that we need support, yes the kind that has dollar signs attached to it.  Please, if you read this most morning email be willing to support us with the donation of $3, the money goes to keep the dream alive.  Click here.  Share The Love 

Get Your Sweat On




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