Worry Wart

Good Morning,
What are you worried about?  What is occupying the space in your mind that could be better used for something else?
“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
Are you worried that someone will see you? Are you worried that you won’t know anyone else in the room? Are you worried about appearing less than perfect? Are you worried about paying bills? Are you worried about gaining weight? Are you worried about falling? Drowning? Putting on a bathing suit?
My daughter is sick, not with a terminal illness or anything life threatening. She is just sick. If any new mother were to ask for advice, I would say to relax and enjoy the snuggle time.  It’s just a bug, a weeks worth of homework will not keep her from becoming a zoo keeper. (That’s what she wants to be) One week of medicine is O.K. (I can feel mothers pointing there fingers at me with disapproval, I have read the side effects, I skimmed through the research articles and know that I should be grinding up some organic herb from Appalachia instead of giving her Tylenol Flu) The fact is, she is sick and I am exhausted with worry.  Why am I exhausted? Why am I worried?  I forgot that being a good mom is one of my strengths! Not perfect, but good.
Worrying empties today of it’s strength!  It is true, instead of being proactive I have been exhausted! Today I am going to regain my strengths! Stock the kitchen with power fruits, dark greens and Clorox Wipes! Where am I going to get the energy? I know as well as you do, if I start with a 30 minute workout (that I have been neglecting to do) I will get that exercise high that is good for at the least a couple of hours.
Regain Your Strength Today!
Don’t Worry About It…..Get Your Sweat On!
Thursday February 7, 12:10 p.m. Your Turn Office 3234 S. Westnedge 
Discover Your Strength with Lynn Martignon and learn a few strength training exercises.

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