Perspective of You

Good morning ladies,

What is the perspective you viewing yourself from, the perspective that others have of you or the one that YOU have of YOU?  When we were little girls chances are we were wrapped in “girl” colors and placed in dresses or clothes with flowers on them.  As we aged we were told and saw what “beautiful” is meant to be and were coaxed into a certain image.  Either we went along with the system or we decided we would go against the grain but the “grain” was indeed within us and we saw beauty as a standard.

I happened upon this blog and found it to be beautiful.  Different than your typical version of beautiful, but beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. 

I would like for each of us to find what we FEEL is the beauty within us, where we are right now without any changes. 

February is SHOW THE LOVE to YT month.  You can show the love by giving a $3 gift here Show The Love  Feel certain that your gift to Your Turn will go to support our mission, Women Supporting Women Toward Health and Wellness Goals.

Happenings This Week:

  • ·         Monday:  5pm – Otsego – C25K & ½ Marathon Training – Otsego High School
  • ·         Tuesday:  6pm – Kalamazoo – C25K- Fluid Process, Week 2 Day 1
  • ·         Wednesday:  6pm – Kalamazoo – ½ Marathon Training – McDonalds on Portage and Centre
  • ·         Thursday:  9:30am – Kalamazoo – Group Meditation – YT Office in Kalamazoo
    • o   12:10pm – Kalamazoo – YT Gathering, Gathering Strength – YT Office in Kalamazoo
  • ·         Sunday:  12:15pm – Kalamazoo – ½ Marathon Training – Bronson Athletic Club

Get your calendar out, schedule what you are planning to do with YT this week and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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