Lend Your Voice

Alright blog friends,
People have asked me, why do you think Your Turn has the ability to turn around the obesity crisis.  You (meaning YT)  are so young, they say, you don’t have a marketing network behind you, all you do is support women and you don’t even discuss the obesity crisis.  As a matter of fact I don’t know that you have EVER mentioned it.
We don’t need to, I tell them.  The problem as I see it is we spend so much time, effort and money on FIXING the problem by making people feel badly about where they are right now.  Pointing out how overweight or obese they are and making sure they know that they need to change.  Your Turn works because we do the exact opposite, we don’t discuss it.  That isn’t our mission to make women think about their weight.  Our mission is to make them FEEL supported where they are, how they are.  What happens is MAGIC; they begin WANTING to discuss it.  They begin asking how so and so lost her weight.  They begin asking for simple recipes to make more foods at home instead of going out.  They begin finding out WHY they became overweight in the first place.
I don’t question it anymore I just believe.  Are you able to believe with me?
Your Turn has just launched it’s MILLION WOMAN CAMPAIGN for turning the obesity crisis into a has been!  Please go to www.yourturnwomen.org and lend your voice to this campaign and forward this on to 10 friends who love you, love health, or you want them to know about YT.
Thank you for the support.

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