Life Gives

Good morning ladies,

The snow falling is so beautiful; peacefully flowing to the ground, so allowing of the wind to take it where it wants, no complaints or stress.  When we look at all that is on our plates today, so much stress added by our expectations that everything work out the way we perceive it to be perfect.  Unfortunately, perfect isn’t always what is in the plan for us that day. 

Wherever you are today is exactly where you need to be.

Life Will Give You 

Your Turn THANKS each of you who have donated $3 so we can continue our mission, we also SO appreciate those who donated a little more.  The generosity and kindness is beautiful; know that we will be responsible with the resources given and ALL dollars go toward Women Supporting Women!  If you haven’t done so, please take the time to SHOW THE LOVE 2 YT by clicking here Show The Love 

Happenings Today:

2pm – Spring Valley Park – TuTu 2.2 Mile Run or Walk

Get Your Sweat On



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