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Happy Share the Love 2 YT Month!
As many of you know, YT was born from a desire to share what Dawn and I felt while we were training for the Kalamazoo Marathon back in 2011.  We knew without a doubt that we could make others feel the way we felt; so loved by each other, so supported by one another and by having so much PDFin (my new F word) FUNZIES striving to reach a common goal.  Wouldn’t you know it, we were RIGHT ON!  YT has taken off so fast and with so many ripples, we are like proud parents as our toddler takes their first steps!
One of the goals of YT was to be FOR FREE.  We believed that if we take money out of the equation we could take away an obstacle that some women may have.  It turns out we were RIGHT ON that too!  We just started giving out the YT LOVE and the women that felt that love started giving it back out to others.  Gazelle Sports gave shoes to a 5K group in need.  The Kalamazoo Foundation saw our mission worthy of 3 grants in 2012 AND women within YT have willingly given donations for us to keep doing what we are doing.  We barely had to ask!!!
It seems all we have to do is ask and we have volunteers lining up to help us whether it’s to design our brochure, setting up for our Meet and Greet, learning how to scan and enter receipts, blog support, FB support, helping run C25Ks, ½ Marathon supporters and I haven’t even begun talking about the men and women who are in the Health Industry GIVING their time and talent to ensure that the women involved hear correct information in all manner of things healthy.
One thing that Dawn and I didn’t take into consideration was just how much money it would cost us to keep this up and rolling.  We didn’t take into consideration the costs of those brochures to have printed, costs of the support texts, that I would have to put Walter into preschool because I had so much “work” to do behind the scenes to make everything “appear” EASY, the running stroller we bought so that a woman who didn’t have one could have one to use while she was 5K training.  Incidentals like paper to print fliers, extra gas to drive all over the communities we serve, liability insurance (who knew about that) just to have a board and if anything happens to YOU during our training programs.  We needed to buy our web domain, which we will be rolling out within a few days, and we had to pay to have some limited rights to our BEAUTIFUL girl.  Don’t even get me started on the accountant and lawyer and how crazy much it is that we have to pay to become a non-profit.
Neither Dawn nor I like having to ask for money, it makes both of us squirm in our seats to even have to be having this conversation however, the reality is that if we want to continue, which we plan to do, we need financial help.  We are TRULY not asking for your paycheck or even ½ of it.  We don’t want the money you should use to buy new running shoes or a new gym bag.  We don’t want you to pay us instead of paying for a gym membership or instead of your co-pay for mental health counseling.  We only are asking for a few dollars, literally $3 dollars from each person reading this email would be AMAZING and show YT that you appreciate even just the Most Daily Emails.
I have spent 1 ½ years giving my whole self to YT.  I want this to succeed as much as I want anything.  I love it like it is a child of mine and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keep it growing, in fact we are launching a MILLION WOMAN CAMPAIGN because I believe so strongly that WE, the WOMEN of the world are able to change the health of the world.  I believe to my very soul that WE are it!  OK, I’m off on a tangent.
I don’t want you to feel an obligation but I want you to want this to succeed just as much as I do.  I hope you feel a part of this movement because you are, and a donation from you SAYS just that!  Whether you ONLY read the Most Daily Email, peer into FaceBook or you come to everything we offer; make the commitment and know that you had a hand in the SUCCESS of Your Turn!
Send a check to Your Turn 3234 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo MI 49008
Join us tonight at Fondue for You; Meet and Greet @ 6:00pm at the address above and let’s celebrate!
Your Turn

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