February Focus

Good Morning

Today is the last day of January.  Perhaps you spent the last month getting started. February is your month to STAY FOCUSED on what is important to you! How did your January plan work for you? What were the obstacles that may have thrown you off track?  Prepare for the same obstacles this month.  Adjust your plan. If the weather kept you in, stock up on fitness videos.  No need to buy, swap with friends or better yet invite friends over to join you.
February is Share the Love with Your Turn. 
  • Friday, Feb 1st 2013, is the Fondue for You meet and greet 6:00 p.m. at the Your Turn Office 3234 S. Westnedge

Find your Strength! at any one or all of our Gatherings. We will be learning strength training techniques.

  • Thursday February 7th 12:10p.m. at the Your Turn Office 3234 S. Westnedge
  • Monday February 11th 10:00 a.m. Maple Street YMCA
  • Wednesday February 20th 7:00 p.m. Bronson Athletic Club
These are opportunities to surround yourself with positive women who want to share the love and the heart aches* of living healthier!
*By heart aches I am referring to a conversation I had with an inspirator who had given up eating peanut butter cups and oh how she missed them.  She knows her weakness and has stopped kidding herself that she would eat just one. We giggled about the love of her life, and for about a week after, I was craving peanut butter cups! You had to be there…So Come!
Get Your Sweat ON!

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