Loving You

Good Morning Ladies,

Many times you are wandering around in life and things just go on around you and about you but you pay no attention.  Often we are so full of self-inflicting judgment that we can’t see what other see in us.  “I’m not special” is a term that we think all too often because maybe we have been told NOT to think too highly of ourselves for fear that we will be criticized or seen as….I’m looking for a word here….”HIGH HORSE” or some such nonsense.  I think about NOT wanting to be those high school girls who think their shit doesn’t stink….I’m sure you get my drift.  Anyway, we tell ourselves that for so long that before you know it we believe it, we believe we aren’t special.  We believe that we’re just another face in the crowd; we believe that we are just here to drudge by.  We find the time to tell our kids that they are special but “don’t get on your high horse”, my question is why.  Why can’t we think we’re special?  Why can’t we find time in our day to give ourselves a compliment, why is giving ourselves a compliment wrong?  Why is it that when someone tell us to look in the mirror and tell yourselves you are beautiful that we laugh that weird laugh and act like we can’t do that?

Over the past few weeks, really since before Christmas, there have been a few more YT Inspirators who have begun to notice that they are special; they have begun to notice that what they do is making a mark.  Both of these women have been STUNNED by this happening.  These two women have discovered that because they are making changes in their life that others are making changes in their lives too.

Your Turn isn’t a weight loss group even though we know that once you find the essence of your self that you will lose weight.  Your Turn isn’t a running group but we know that once you find that you have enough power to run you have enough power to make other changes that are needed.  Your Turn isn’t full of nutrition guru’s but we know that if you take enough pride in yourself by feeding your body properly that your body will give back to you 10 fold.

So what is Your Turn?  What does Your Turn want to do?  Here it is…Your Turn is a group that wants you to know that you are PERFECT!  We want you to be able to stand in front of a mirror RIGHT NOW and KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  We want you to tell your children that they are special and that those children can sing it from the rooftops!  Your Turn wants you to KNOW THAT YOU ARE SPECIAL because you are!  When you acknowledge that specialness inside of you then you WILL have the PERFECT body just for you.  When you find the love within yourself that isn’t about anyone else, you will find that you are SO POWERFUL!  When you feel special and powerful you will change and tweak those little things that are holding you back.  All of a sudden you become a bubbling volcano that is bursting with excitement and love, enough so that others, without you having to preach it to them, want to have what you have and you pass the torch on.

I am so proud that so many of us inside Your Turn are beginning to see the specialness we have.  I am so proud that so many are finding their POWER and I am so excited to watch the eruption!  Let’s let the eruptions loose, don’t squelch them inside of you; let them erupt!!!  SPEW it from the rooftops!!

Take a good hard look in the mirror and know that you are beautiful; say it, own it, love it!

Get Your Sweat On!

Happenings This Week in YT:

  • Monday – 5pm – Runners and Walkers of Allegan Co. – Check with Dawn to see if it is still on due to the weather.
  • Tuesday – 6pm – Kalamazoo C25K – Fluid Process in BTR Park
  • Wednesday – 6pm – ½ Marathon Trainees – McDonalds on Centre and Portage Rd in Portage
  • Friday – 6:30 – Fondue For You; Meet and Greet – The Back Place in Kalamazoo 3234 S. Westnedge

Your Turn



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