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Hello Your Turn Inspirators!
The Executive Board of Your Turn wanted to share an update on a few things happening behind the scenes as we grow and continue to inspire and motivate more women each & every month.
Did you know our blog has started to reach across the globe?! Not only do we have women following Your Turn from across the USA, but also from women in several countries including Australia and Bangladesh!
Without any doubt, Your Turn is truly becoming a movement!

A very special thank you goes to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, Kalamazoo Giving Circle and the Fetzer Foundation for grants we have received! We are using this initial financial support to help us set a firm organizational foundation for such things as accounting & legal services, marketing, as well as web design & support.
Your Turn has always been a give give organization. As we continue to inspire changes and motivate women to meet and exceed goals they have set for themselves, we know that in order to continue to grow & expand our programs, from time to time we will humbly ask for financial support from those of you that have been touched by Your Turn and want to give a little love back!
We are designating the month of February as “Share the Love” for Your Turn. We will kick the month off with our popular “Meet and Greet” on Friday February 1st, 2013 at 6:30 pm at the Your Turn Office (3234 S. Westnedge Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49008). “Fondue for You” is our theme where you can come to meet the women of Your Turn, make new connections, and find ways to get involved to let Your Turn support YOU with YOUR health & wellness goal! Come to our “Meet and Greet” to help us “fill the shoes” to show your love for Your Turn! Every dollar raised helps women support women!
Can’t make it to the Meet and Greet, Share the Love from where you are right now by clicking on our DONATE link below.  All proceeds go to helping us support more women. Your Turn Donate

A special Thank You goes out a Your Turn Inspirator for hosting a private fundraiser to benefit Your Turn during February’s Share the Love for Your Turn!

Want to Share the Love for Your Turn by volunteering with us? Here are a few opportunities to share your time and talent to help women support women.
**** serve on a committee (social media, finance, or Inspirator support)

**** lead our efforts as our Health Fair Expo Coordinator (schedule events, sign volunteers for the booth, & keep supplies in stock)

**** sign up to CHANGE THE WORLD with our Million Women Outreach, only give the time you have and you can do this from your home computer.

**** photoshop skills? We can use your help!
Questions? Comments? Sending love back to Your Turn? Find us at:

Your Turn Website

Your Turn Women Blog

and our FaceBook pages

Your Turn FaceBook Kalamazoo

Your Turn FaceBook St. Joseph Co.

Your Turn FaceBook Allegan Co.

Your Turn FaceBook Erie, PA

Get Your Sweat On
Your Turn Board


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