Good morning ladies,

Oh it’s cold outside!!!!! All this week, the thermostat will frighten us unless we get ahead of the weather. I don’t want to run, but I need to.  So how can I motivate myself?

1. Turn on some rockin music for motivation

2. Call a friend to run with me

3.  Bundle up like Frosty

4.  Shorten the run if necessary-after all just doing it is better than not running

5.  Run indoors somewhere

6.  Run at midday when the temps are a bit warmer

7.  Remind myself I won’t die if I go outside

8.  Realize that daily choices make up lifestyles

How are you going to motivate yourself while the temps are so cold?

The above email came in, in the morning; the below email came in last night. 

Remember my post about how to run in the cold?  I came up with a solution! Call a YT buddy and do an e-run. What the heck, we do everything else online so why not?

It was sooo cold today that I knew I’d probably fink out on my scheduled run.  When my husband suggested I stay indoors given the blustery weather… that made it even more tempting.   Knowing I needed to run anyway, (a treadmill was not an option because I hate machines) I wrote Mel to get the number of a close by TY member. I thought that maybe a running partner would work.  However I never connected with someone to run with. Instead, Mel and I decided to run at the same time from our own respective locations.  It was a way to run together without being together.  And it actually worked!  Just knowing Mel was heading out the door at 5pm made me go out too.  The thought of getting her to run without me running too would have been way too rude for me to do.  Just knowing Mel was getting cold for my sake was enough to motivate me to do the same.

It was cold, but I didn’t die or turn into an ice queen.  I layered up enough. I wore three sets of leggings, four shirts, two hoodies, two hats, three pairs of socks (with plastic baggies over my feet), two sets of gloves and a scarf. Heck I was very warm!  Only when the wind cut through the cracks in my scarf did I get cold.  Layering is the key ladies. So is covering every part of your skin.  I even wore sunglasses to shield my eyes.  Admittedly it was windy and harsh weather to run, Mel put it correctly that it was pretty bad a_ _ to run in this weather.  So we were two very hard core runners today.  Thank you Mel for your unending motivation.  If anyone wants to run via email on Wed, I’m game.  Let’s set a time when we get out doors. When we finish, we can email our report and even attach pictures just so we can brag.  I took a pic of myself but it didn’t work otherwise you would have seen my Abominable Snowman look.  Oh well, perhaps next run I’ll use my camera instead of my cheap cell phone.  We should start posting our winter running wardrobe.  I looked like a weirdo all covered up, but it was cool anyway.

Have fun freezing your fanny off ladies. We’ll be into warmer temps soon enough.  Until then, let’s remember that we’re tough Northerners who are hearty souls.


Let me add that I knew that it wasn’t just Carol and I running in this cold; I spoke to Dawn earlier in the day and she was so upset that her 1/2 Marathon Training group may be disbanding for the evening but SHE was going out anyway, “if anyone shows up then I’m there”.  So at 5pm(ish) last night Carol, me, Dawn and 3 other BAD ASS movers were out in the elements getting our sweat on!



  • 6pm – Runners/Walkers – TOO COLD (yes Carol, it is too cold today for me) to go outside, single digits are my limit.  I would love to meet you at the Maple St. YMCA and walk/run on a treadmill.


  • 6m – ½ Marathon Trainees – McDonalds on Portage and Centre St. – We run 4 miles, same route as last week.


  • 12:30 – ½ Marathon Trainees – Just Move Fitness & More on Romence – Amy Rummel will be talking nutrition for endurance athletes before we run.  Running 3 miles then Hips to Nips core strengthening (you don’t want to miss this!)

EXTRA BONUS for Winter Outdoor Movers, this is NOT just for Runners!!!

  • 2pm – Shoe and Outdoor Fitness Apparel Clinic put on by Gazelle Sports – FOR FREE!!!  Just show up and learn about how to keep you and your family warm while moving outside while the temps are less than warm and fuzzy.

Get Your Sweat On!


One thought on “Frozen

  1. Wow, that’s great. Thanks for sharing about “Frozen.” I think you’ve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did which support me out in frequent ways…

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