Blue Skies

Good morning ladies,

It is unusual that I write the email on the day before but I was home yesterday with Walter, who has the flu (not the OMG, this kid needs to stop puking on the floor kind but the AWHHH, isn’t he so sweet snuggling with Mommy watching cartoonies kind).  He finally fell asleep and I peered out the window to see if I was missing any dramatic weather and I realized I was…the sun.  Blue skies, sun shine and from inside my house I didn’t know if it was cold or warm out there.  I think, as I do, about how I am feeling and I felt like a giant sun with beams of light coming out of me.  I felt so blessed to have the ability to stay home with my beautiful baby.  I felt so blessed to have my horrible ugly green sweater on that was given to me by my dear friend Dawn.  I felt so blessed to be wearing my old velour black pants that are now so big I need to yank on the ties to keep them up when just a short few years ago they were so tight I refused to wear them.  I just felt blessed.

We have the choice each moment of each day to project into the world, our world, the world of our children and mothers whatever we want.  We can project blue skies and sun light rays or we can project dark clouds and cold rain drops.  It’s all up to you.

On Wednesday night, the first night of YT ½ Marathon Training it was cold and windy (not as cold as it could have been but cold none-the-less) and there was a crowd of smiling rays of sunshine even though it was dark.  The side walk as we ran out was so icy and slick that it could have deterred any of those women but it didn’t and as they baby-stepped their way across the slick spots the energy didn’t darken.  Those women who I like to think of as Bad Ass chose to not be darkened by the darkenss around them.  Those women chose to be that ray of sunshine even as the cold was trying to snuff them out.  Those women are what I choose to be.

I do not know what the weather forecast on the new is for tomorrow but I see blue skies and sun light beams!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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