Own Your Power

Good morning ladies,

Whenever I talk about YT to new people, trying to explain the concept we have and how we attempt support they come back with 1 or 2 words that they share as a questions to see if they have it right.  One of the words I hear most often is EMPOWERMENT.  “Oh”, they say, “you are a group empowering women”.

I haven’t looked up the word to know if that is accurate but today it feels so.  I have been thinking about power for the past few days and how I can actualize my own personal power and what that means.  I have been asking for guidance and signs to let me know if I am on my right path and it keeps coming to me that you have it in you already.

We are each sitting on a gold mine of power.  We have the POWER to change the course or direction of our life if we so choose.  Look at your days; really see how they are spent.  Now look at what you want in your days…do what you do and what you want match?  If so, then you are on it.  If not then you can make alterations; there is NO NEED for you to stay in a place where you are not actualizing your power.  That power may be in your family, community, friendships, employment….power has many places it can reside in your individual lives IF and only IF you choose to take that power and use it.

The premise of YT is to support a change that a woman desires.  When the woman changes, she then brings about change to her family, friends and community whether she realizes it or not, she does this, YOU do this.  You have this power but do you know it?  Are you realizing the power you have as an influence in others?  Do you fully understand that the choices you make for you impact the way others make choices for themselves?  I encourage you to reach the book Connected.  It shows scientifically how what I am saying is accurate.  YOU have the POWER to change not only the course and direction of you but also the course and direction of others, positively or negatively.

Get up today and get dressed with the full intention of actualizing your power.  Stand tall and stand proud in the knowledge that what you are bringing to the world can make the world a better place.  You want to see peace in the world, then show it by having compassion for other instead of criticism.  You want to bring financial sustainability to the world then show it by being financially responsible in your own home.  You want to bring health and wellness to the world then move more and consume less.  Imagine for one moment that if everyone brought to the table what they wanted in the world, what kind of world would we have.

WE HAVE THE POWER to do that right where you are.  It is ALL within YOU!  Own it, show it, and be vocal about it!!!  YOU ARE IT!!!  YOU have been tagged!!!  Now, it’s up to you to tag someone else.

Get Your Sweat On STRONG today, full of your POWER!!!

Your Turn



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