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Dawn recently wrote an email re: I can’t and last night I had the privilege of Zumba-ing with some YT Inspirators who “I can’t” doesn’t seem to be a part of their vocabulary.  Regardless of the weather these women made it to the Zumba Demonstration, put on by Just Move Fitness and More, ready to shake it or whatever it without having ever done Zumba before.  Not all the Inspirators who participated were newbies and they ended up being the encouragers for others to join in on the fun.  These women all said, “I’ll try”.

I like a “trier”.  I like a person who isn’t sure what they’re in for but figure it can’t be worse than getting stabbed in the eye so, why the hell not.  Living life is about new things, which is the exact spot we find things we didn’t know we even wanted.  Dawn is a world traveler, quiet about it but she is.  She will go just about anywhere and try just about anything; on her last trip she tried Guinea Pig not just once but twice because she hated it the first time and thought maybe if they prepared it in a different way she just might like it, she didn’t.  She is a “trier”.  Last night Mary Beth was a “trier” and was surprised by the sweat producing workout that Zumba is; it was a funny joke she made because of it during the class.  Stacy decided to try running.  She found that she didn’t like it AT ALL.  She quit for a while.  She is now trying it again just to see.  Stacy is a “trier”.  Amy encouraged Ann to be a “trier” of roasted radishes.

I have been encouraged to be a “trier” of all sorts of vegetables.  When I was growing up my mother poured our vegetables from a can.  String beans, cream of corn, beets, yams…I didn’t know that those things weren’t the real deal until I was in my twenties.  I had NO idea what a beet from the ground neither looked like nor did I have any clue that it wasn’t intended to taste like vinegar.  Yams, I still don’t fully understand them…is it just another word for sweet potato and if so the ones from the ground are delicious, those canned ones aren’t doing the vegetable justice.

I seem to always have in my mind that if this is the only life I get then I want to experience it all.  I don’t want to go out with things left undone or unsaid or untried.  I don’t have to like all the things I try but who knows what I will LOVE or LIKE or want to try again.

What are you trying?  What have you tried and found you liked it or loved it?  What have you tried that you didn’t like or even hate, did you try it again just in case?   Today we all have the opportunity to try something new with Gail from Vitality Wellness; she is giving us techniques to change the way we think that will enable us to try more things, reach new personal heights.

Happenings This Week from YT:

Today, Monday – 10am – YT Gatherings at Maple St. YMCA with Gail discussing Goals

Tuesday – 6pm – Runners and Walkers of YT at Fluid Process – Come join us for 2-3 miles in a walk or run or walk/run, whichever suits your fancy.  Don’t let the cold weather set you back!

Wednesday – 6pm – ½ Marathon Training begins at McDonalds on Center and Portage Rd in Portage – 4 miles.

Wednesday – 7pm – YT Gathering at Bronson Athletic Club with Marnie discussing Goals

Sunday – 9am – Runners and Walkers of YT at Celery Flats in Portage on Garden Lane – Come join in on the movement 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles…what’s your fancy?

Sunday – 12:45 – ½ Marathon Trainers at Just Move Fitness and More on Romence across from D & W 3 miles then Hips 2 Nips Training.

Get Your Sweat On, possibly by trying something new!

Your Turn




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