Good morning ladies,

The kindness of others is AMAZING.  Your Turn has been experiencing great abundance in gifts that has enabled us to get our “working” office up and ready to go.  THANK YOU to those who have contributed.  I know we were official before but now it FEELS as though we are.  I am there working most days of the week, please stop by and pay a visit.  I can serve you up coffee, tea or hot chocolate from our donated Kurig or you can relax or nap on our donated to use sofa (it pulls out to a bed) and cozy blanket. 

Your Turn has so many exciting Happenings for the rest of this month beginning with tonight.  Just Move Fitness and More is hosting the YT Inspirators (that means YOU) for a Zumba Demonstration.  If you thought Zumba was just one way, you thought wrong.  Come and see what Zumba with weights and a chair is all about in addition to shaking it in the upright position on your feet. 

Runners/Walkers of YT are still moving on Sunday mornings at 9am at Celery Flats.  They walk, run, and walk/run for 2-3 miles each Sunday.  You do not need to do anything special to join us, just show up!  Can you move forward, then you can hang with this group.

½ Marathon Training begins this Wednesday for Kalamazoo and next Monday, January 21st in Allegan Co.  For the one beginning in Kalamazoo you do NOT need to be a runner, we have walkers training to walk 13.1 miles and don’t think that YOU couldn’t be one of them. 

Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation begins the first week of February.  I am mailing CD’s the last week of January out to each who are interested in creating abundance in their life and calm and peace in their mind.  Please, if you haven’t given meditation a try let this one be your first.  I am on day 13, it is AMAZING and EASY!

Check out the Your Turn Calendar for dates and times Your Turn Calendar   

Get Your Sweat On with Zumba tonight, I look forward to seeing and shaking it with you there!

Your Turn



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