Friday Email Submission

Good morning ladies,
Shake it off!  This is my mantra today.  I need to shake off the yukky cloud that floats above my head and the heavy burden pressing against my chest and shoulders.  My blah feeling is in response to a disappointing visit I had yesterday.  I traveled several hours to visit a relative.  Sadly, the visit soured because my visitor was in a miserable emotional state.  Instead of enjoying our time together, he was pessimistic, insensitive and depressing.  I left with my stomach churning and a desire to escape the dark hole he presently lives in.  I literally drove home at 80 mph.
It hurts when I am around negativity. I have an unconscious desire to fix others, which is why I have always leaned toward helping professions.  I want to snap my fingers or wave a magical wand to transform people into happier individuals. However the reformative work belongs to each of us.  Outside motivation is helpful, but the fire of true transformation comes from deep within a person.  Some times and situations are intense and bigger than the person can handle. This doesn’t mean hope is gone, but that time might be required before things improve.
Knowing this about the person I visited reminds me that I need to adjust my expectations and give him room to be “yukky”.  Soon enough this person, who I know to be a normally positive individual, will find his way again.  Until he does, I will protect myself from his despair.  So today, my power message to is to live and let live.  How I will accomplish the letting go part is to redirect my thoughts from dark to light. Rather than recount his bummed out conversation, I will reflect on a lovely song, upcoming workout, sweaty run, meaningful work etc.
Are you carrying stuff that weights you down?  My suggestion is to shake off your burdens.   As you run, visualize leaving behind your worries, stress, bills, diets, relatives, employment etc.  I will breath in life and hope.  I will exhale disappointment and fear.  I will plod along the road happily knowing the run is not a wasted activity.  Instead I will gain physical, mental and emotional power.  I invite you to litter the roadway with your “emotional garbage bag” and leave your worries behind.  Let Waste Management dispose of your refuge.

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