Set Point Stress

Good morning ladies,

17 things feel like they are going on all at once; task to be done here, chauffer them there, “Mom, I can’t find my ___”, deadline to be met.  The expectation comes not only from those around us but from within us as well.  We, in this spot, have a few choices to make, get to bed and pull the covers overhead, stress about them or prioritize them into manageable tasks. 

For me that means a list.  These are the things I need to accomplish, these are the areas or people pulling at me and I must make a choice.  Hot lunch for the kids, frees me up 20 minutes.  Asking Jimmy for help to bring Walter to preschool saves me 20 minutes.  Deadline is first to be done while alternating rolling my plantar fasciitis with a frozen golf ball and water bottle. 

We are women, we must learn how to make superwoman seem easy and feel exciting but we need the tools to do this and they don’t come ingrained in most of us.  Stress is always the first go to when we have too much on our plate which serves ZERO purpose, to be honest it expands the problem because when we are stressed we rush and do things ½ assed which creates more stress. 

Life isn’t always sugar cookies and blissful 8 mile runs.  Life has expectations from many different avenues.  Learn the tools to change your stress set point.  I am learning so much from the women involved in Your Turn and from the leaders that volunteer their time to us like Marnie Thomas from Kalamazoo Psychology (I am taking tips from the December Gathering), Gail Walter from Vitality Wellness Coaching who is coaching all of us that want it during our January Gatherings.  Can’t be here for those, we can Skype you in; there is always a way when we make it a priority.

Have a GREAT ACCOMPLISHED day and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn

Mel, one over-extended cookie who is making it happen.

Happenings Today:  Kalamazoo ½ Marathon Training Program Orientation at 6:30pm at Bronson Athletic Club (you do NOT need to be a member of BAC to attend)


One thought on “Set Point Stress

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