Failure to Freedom

Good Morning,

 I have an abundance of activities I want to do, that I just don’t do.  I could come up with quite a few excuses as to why I don’t make the time to do the things I say I want to do. (cook better, journal, meditate, read, organize, clean, yoga, QT with family)
Be careful when you speak to Gail Walter about goals…..she is very good at what she does (certified wellness coach).  She is one of those people who helps you say what you actually meant to say.   The question she asked me was “Why are these activities important to you?”  My response “well um, because um, well”, I paused because I was attempting to make the answer sound just right.
Here is where the question became the answer.  Why is it important to you? It is where my failure became my freedom.  I viewed the things that I was not doing as failures.  When I realized (with Gails help) why certain activities were truly important to ME, they became a priority that I desired to make time for, rather than a task I felt I was failing to do.
Before you beat yourself up about the goals you are not achieving, or the activities you say you want to do and are not.  Ask yourself why it is important to you.
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