JAZZED Up for Exercise

Good morning ladies,

I want to get you JAZZED up for exercise.  I have heard over and over from many different women how “I don’t like it” “how do you like it” “it’s so much work” “I don’t like to get sweaty”.  Exercise is like eating your vegetables, you just have to keep trying them, try different ones, cook them or eat them raw, put them in a pasta dish….exercise is like that.  You don’t like running, then don’t run.  You don’t like the elliptical (who does, god) stop doing that then.  You don’t like to exercise because you aren’t trying out enough variety until something sings to you.  Do it alone, don’t like that then then do it with others.  Don’t want to go out when it’s cold, then ask others to come to your house and put on a Richard Simmons DVD; I PROMISE you there will be so much sweaty laughter in that home you will want to do it again and again and again.  The next thing you know you have a group so large that you need to rent a space or build your own studio.

I’m going to get a little mean here, you know what; you’re a quitter if you don’t like exercise.  Yup, I said it.  You quit before you find what it is you like.  My friend Anne doesn’t really like exercise; she will tell you that she really doesn’t exercise at all.  She will tell you how she lost 9 pounds in a super short time by doing nothing other than changing her attitude; I love her but she is a liar.  She LOVES to walk on the beach with her dog.  She goes out there in almost any weather, even in the winter she’ll get out there for hours sometimes.  She doesn’t like exercise, because she loves what she is doing so much she doesn’t consider it to be exercise.

Exercise doesn’t HAVE to be running or body building or ellipticallying for hours on end by yourself…..exercise is dancing alone or in a room with others.  Exercise is stretching.  Exercise is tending to your horse by brushing or feeding or riding it, exercise doesn’t have to be what you think it is.  If you don’t like exercise then you aren’t trying hard enough.

I invite you to tell me what you don’t like and let me give you options to find something you do.  Shoot me an email back or email me at getyoursweaton@yourturnwomen.org and let’s get you moving!!!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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