Happy New Year, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR; I welcome you, 2013!!!

I have had a transformational 2012, I didn’t know a person’s life could be changed the way mine has and I owe ALL of it to the Divine, Higher Power, God, the Universal Law of Life, whatever you call it I owe it up.  My thankfulness could never be verbally expressed properly.

I have set a few things for 2013 but 1st and foremost I have set my intention for GREATNESS.  I have an expectation that all things that come from me and through me are for the GREATNESS in me and around me.

Now, on to the NYR or Goals:

  • Melodie – Monthly date with Molly – I plan to accomplish this by setting the money I would approximately spend in our monthly budget, Putting it in my Calendar as an alert, having Jimmy put it in his calendar, having Molly put it in her calendar.  Lose 15 lbs by April 13th – How, sticking to calorie counting 6 days a week with my calories being at 1800 on those days with the 7th day being a cheat day which is Friday, Jimmy will be checking my Lose It.com at the end or beginning of the day for the day before, starting each day with a protein instead of high carb breakfast, sticking to my exercise weekly goal.  Running the Kalamazoo Marathon – having my brother as my running partner AND by figuring out why my running has become so challenging (food for fuel) so I can really love it again.
  • Berta – To fall in love with myself
  • Sara – support others through coaching a YT C25K Program – Accountability isn’t a problem here as there are other women counting on me and I don’t like to disappoint.  Run in the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon – Accountability isn’t a problem here as I am signed in and being a supporter in the YT ½ Marathon Training Program.  A Sprint TRI – Accountability, I would like a group to train with.  A Century (which is a 100 mile bike ride)
  • Kim – Run many 5K’s in 2013 – Accountability, I am confident with this group (YT) that I can accomplish this through support for the 1st one, Gazelle Girl in April.
  • Kathy – Lose 52 pounds and run 5 ½ Marathons – Accountability, I sent out an email to a few people to be my accountability partners in 2013, I asked them to help me reach this goal by keeping in touch and asking me if I am on track, setting my workout schedule that fits in my schedule.
  • Sue – To stop feeling guilty every time I make a decision in my favor – (An insight) – The human is the only animal on earth to pay thousands of times for the same mistake or decision, the rest of the animals pay once for every mistake they make and it’s forgotten, but not us, we judge ourselves find ourselves guilty and punish ourselves over and over and over for the same thing every time it comes into our mind, I need to stop doing this, it’s so draining.
  • Amy – I am NOT calling them RESOLUTIONS – Give up pop for good! – I plan to accomplish this by drinking more water, iced tea, milk and any of the many delightful non-pop choices out there.  Move Daily – I plan to accomplish this by sticking with my commitment to YT and planning a daily reward for movement (example, if I go out for a walk just to the end of the street, I can come home and sit on the couch and read…Once I get to the end of the street I just never look back J).  Eat less processed crap – I plan to do this by cooking more from scratch.  I enjoy cooking, I just have duped myself into thinking its quicker to grab a burger but with some mindful prep I can make all kinds of wonderful meals that will satisfy me more than that burger in a bag.
  • Cindy – to run, I don’t care how fast, a ½ Marathon – Accountability, the YT ½ Marathon Training Group

To each of the women on this list, YT will be checking in with you each month (at least) to see how you are doing on accomplishing this goal but also please check in on each other.  We are a support network of women for women that means that the support comes from all directions.  If you feel you are slipping and need support just reach out.

I am ready to experience all that 2013 has to offer; I look forward to it with joy and expectation!  If you haven’t sent your goal or resolution in and want to have the accountability of this chain, please feel free to send them in.  No time like the present to look toward your future!

Now, Get Your Sweat On; today IS the 1st day of the rest of your life!

Your Turn



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