Happy Weaning Day, 2012!

Good morning ladies,

I am SO EXCITED to have received goals from some of you for 2013 that I thought we could do something fun.  How about if you and I share our goals for tomorrow morning’s email?

Think of a goal or goals that you have and how you are going to accomplish them, like…well, like what my Got Goals discusses in that book chapter sampling I sent out.  Then I will share them, with or without names attached.  I will save them and monthly send out a reminder email and questioning how they are coming along.  The things you are learning along the way….what do you say, are you willing to share with YT?

Happy last day of 2012!

Don’t think of this day as the “LAST DAY I CAN EAT THIS WAY” or the “LAST DAY I CAN SIT ON THE COUCH ALL DAY DOING NOTHING”.  Think of this day instead of your weaning day, a day to be a sampling of next year.  You want to run a 5K in 2013 then get out for a walk or walk/run.  You want to lose weight then clean out your cupboards and go grocery shopping.  You want to get organized then go buy a few bins that you will need….I’m sure you get my point here.

Happy weaning day 2012!

Get Your Wean On!

Your Turn


email your Resolutions or Goals to getyoursweaton@yourturnwomen.org


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