Blame Game

Good morning ladies,

As I think about what I want my New Year, 2013 to be like I need to look back on what my goals were for this year and honestly assess them.  I need to see what went well and what didn’t work out, I need to determine why those that didn’t work out didn’t and why the ones that did did.  My only rule at looking back is to NOT blame anyone or any circumstance other than myself.  I cannot blame my kids, husband, financial obligations, too little time….you know, all the usual blames of why things didn’t get done.

The Blame Game is a trap.  It traps your mind from allowing truth to set in.  For instance, I wanted to run a marathon in 2012 but didn’t.  When I take blame out of the equation, which is kids, husband, Your Turn, writing) I see the real reason I didn’t accomplish that goal, I didn’t really want to.  I didn’t want to put in the time, energy or commit to the commitment of running that far.  There is a reason so many only run 1 marathon in their life, it is a lot of effort and time and I didn’t want to give that much of either to that distance of running.  So then I look at my goals for 2013, I have marathon on my list.  Honestly, do I really want to put in that type of time or effort?  If I am honest with myself I don’t know but here is what I do know, I want to be able to say I am a marathon runner, to say that you need to run a marathon.  Will that pull me through this year…time will tell.  I feel more dedicated, I feel ready but my long runs are only 1:05 and change not over 4 hours and change.

What did you want to accomplish this year?  Did you accomplish it?  If you DID then why?  I accomplished writing my book because I felt compelled to do it.  I expanded Your Turn because I LOVE doing it.  I ran my FASTEST 5K because I felt like I was flying when I was running that fast.  There is PASSION in each of the things I did accomplish on my 2012 goal list.  This isn’t a pat yourself on the back exercise; this is an honest assessment of the accomplishment of your goal.  Feel the why, maybe write it out…how does that make you feel?  There is your reason.  Goals are not accomplished without a tremendous amount of energy put into it.

What did you NOT accomplish that you did have on your list?  Look at why closely; by examining it without blame you should be able to come up with the real reason it didn’t work out.  Don’t condemn yourself for not making your wish a reality, don’t dig in your heels and say, “I didn’t do it last year so I AM going to do it this year” without fully understanding the WHY.  Did you really want to or were you just throwing it out there?  Maybe you didn’t know how to begin and once you tried to begin you realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as first thought.  Maybe you like everything in your life right now and you don’t want to change anything, how awesome is that!!!  Either way, understand the WHY.

You have a few days before the New Year.  Jot down a few things and see what FEELS right to you.  I devoted an entire chapter in my book to goal setting, why and how it works for those it works for and why and how it doesn’t for those it doesn’t work for.  I’m going to give you a hint; goals don’t stick if there is no energy devoted to the accomplishment of that goal or those goals.  If you want to talk more about goals and goal setting I would love to do that over the next week.  Let me know and we can maybe set up an impromptu Gathering.

Don’t wait till next year to Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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