Don’t Wait

Good morning ladies,

If you’re on FB I am curious how many times you read, “UGH, I ate so much” or “That’s it, tomorrow I fast” or “I’m going to get back on it”.  I also read a few “Come January 1, I’m starting a diet”.  My post on Christmas Eve was, “Christmas = Carb Loading” because of my own overindulgences.

It is SO easy to over eat when food is SO GOOD or even GREAT!  It’s so nice for us all to take a day off and treat ourselves however today is the DAY AFTER Christmas and there are no more excuses to eat whatever whenever and too much of it.

I was talking to a friend on the 23rd and she was telling me all that she just finished baking and making, it sounded so good I was about to take out a piece of paper and begin writing down EVERYTHING I love and wanted to eat.  That conversation was after Hot Yoga and I was sitting in a high school parking lot, not wanting to go home due to all the kids and many of them coughing (yes, I was taking my FULL 2 hours of reprieve that Jimmy was gifting me with).  I got to thinking that I was making a list of all the treats I loved and if I made them I would EAT all of them.  Yes, I would share but I would probably eat my weight in fudge, layer bars, peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, molasses cookies, and peanut brittle.  I know me enough to know that I would probably forgo dinner to eat more of the sweet stuff.  So instead I made 1 batch of cookie cutouts, chex mix and puppy chow and Jimmy, who planned our Christmas breakfast, planned on us each getting 1 slice of bacon and 2 turkey sausage links with our eggs and potatoes.  As I wake on December 26th all of our treats are gone, thankfully!  I love each of those things that I made and Jimmy cooked I did as I anticipated, over ate all of them (except the bacon and sausage) but I only had so much to overeat.

Today I don’t have anything to throw away or pretend I am not going to “finish off”.  I am beginning my commitment to my health right now.  Hot tea and a yogurt for breakfast, English muffin and peanut butter about an hour before my run, green salad with some of our left over salmon for lunch and turkey chili for dinner.

There is NO need to wait until the New Year to begin eating for the health of your body.  There is NO need to DIET (a curse word in my book).  What there is a need for is to hop back into your healthy lifestyle routine.  Plan out your meal plan RIGHT NOW.  Set your phone alarm to ring 15 minutes before your chosen workout time.  Get yourself a pillow or blanket and find a quiet spot to meditate for 15 minutes.  Maybe even make an appointment with your therapist if family ISSUES came up that you woke up this morning thinking about.  Re-make your commitment to YOU!

Happy day after Christmas!  Now, Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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