Merry Xmas Eve

Good morning ladies,

Merry Christmas Eve.

All the anticipation and wonder will only be here for 24 or so more hours. That is MY favorite part of the gift giving, all the wonder. Will I get what I asked for, will I get anything at all, or will I be remembered.

The innocence of children and the unwavering faith that they will receive EVERYTHING on their wish list, then come the morning of and they are unwrapping and they forget everything they asked for and are just thankful for what they have. As they age the doubt creeps in and by the time they are teens they are so skeptical; everything is analyzed and over thought and the young are just silly for believing in things unseen.

I see the contrast all the time because I have the three little boys and my teenagers. My little ones believe with all their hearts that all of their wishes will come true and my teenagers are constantly questioning me, will I?

I get the most perfect gift every year; I get to watch their dreams, at least for the moment, come true. I sit and wait and wonder, “Will I get what I asked for”. The anticipation kills me as I wait for the morning of truth, have I (Santa) made their dreams come true? Many Christmas mornings I cannot stand waiting, I want it more than they do; I want to know, did I pull it off again this year?

The gift I receive is the joy on their faces, the squeals in their laughter, the hugs once I am remembered as the wrapping paper settles to the ground. I only have 24 or so more hours and I can feel back to normal, I treasure this day, this last day of wonder for 2012.


I have missed writing the last few days, which seems like forever. My children have had the flu, my head had been spinning with my “to do” list. My Mel time had stopped and I was on auto pilot just getting through. Yesterday when my husband finally got home from work and shopping my head was so full of anger and frustration that he took one look at me and said, “Go for a run, as long of one as you need”. He knows me so well. I needed to sweat out all of the ANGST that I had inside of me. I needed to feel the power in my legs and the joy in my heart that running brings to me. When I was done I sat in silence, in my meditative spot for long enough that when I got home I was asked, “how far did you go”. Only 4 I told him and then he said, “You’ve been gone for almost 2 hours”. All I could think of was, no wonder I feel so refreshed!

I did exactly what Dawn and I have been trying to remind each of you to do, to NOT forget about YOU! Well, that is what happens when I forget about me. Old Ugly Mel rears her head. Needless to say she has been remembered. I hope you did a better job than I did and I hope you will get exactly what is on your wish list this year.

Merry Christmas

Love Mel


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