Gift Receiver

Good morning ladies,

I used to only think of gifts in terms of giving them.  I struggled with taking gifts because I thought that was selfish but now I know that isn’t the case.  It is a GIFT if you receive a gift from someone who wants to give it.  It is in love that you accept a gift from another.

I found myself not too long ago stating to a friend, “I am giving you the gift of giving to me”.  It’s true, she is a very kind and giving person and I know she FELT great being able to give me that gift.  I know how good it feels when I am the giver so why would I want to take that feeling away from her.

I also learned recently that when one muscle stretches another muscle strengthens, it’s a give and take.  Gift giving is the same thing, when you are able to RECEIVE a gift you are also giving a different type of gift.  WE DO NOT always need to be on the giving side of this gift giving season.  Allow the gift you give to be the gift of receiving.  Do others this beautiful service to you!  Say THANK YOU!

My husband, who is sometimes almost saint like, gives me the gift of making most of the dinners for our family.  He allows me to sit on the counter and talk to him but not do anything.  I used to try and butt in and take over but he really enjoys it (most days) and I give him the gift of just talking to him while he is preparing it.  Him making dinner is a gift to us, to me, and the only thanks he wants is to know if it is good or not.  That’s it.  I consider myself to be very kind (I have a HUGE SMILE on my face as I wrote that) as I accept that gift!!!

This is the GIFT GIVING season.  I am certainly not saying to not give any gifts but you’re don’t need to be the BEST and the BIGGEST and the MOST EXPENSIVE.  Give others the gift of being the BIGGEST gift giver this year and give them the gift of being truly thankful.

Happening Today:

7pm – Your Turn Gathering -Tonight at BAC (Bronson Athletic Center) – Get Through the Holiday’s Stress Free or at least learn tips on how to do that.  Give US the GIFT of Giving this wonderful evening to you!

Get Your Sweat On and Be the Receiver of a Great Gift!

Your Turn


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