Be The Change

Good Morning,

This morning I would like to share with you the Facebook status of a Your Turn Inspirator,

I don’t know how to start a grassroots sort of movement but I have to try. For the children that we are all thinking about, could we each volunteer, advocate, somehow step outside our normal comfort zones to initiate a change in the right direction to keep our children safe. Whether you turn in a gun or volunteer in a mental health facility I believe we must do what we can to help make a change for the good of our country. Today, I signed up to volunteer with two community agencies.

This reminded me of a post from Melodie:

The very first conversation I had about a desire to start a support network for women I said, 1 will be enough!  1 will be perfect!  1 is where it all starts.  Do you know what 1 woman can do?  Do you know the changes that occur all around your world because of YOUR actions?  YOU change the world around you for the betterment of all or not.  YOU set the stage, YOU are the lighting, YOU are the actor everyone is watching.  Please do not let that make you feel uncomfortable; instead, take ownership in that role because we ALL play the same part in our own production.

I recommend the book CONNECTED by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler; this book discusses how we impact the people not only around us but 3 people removed from us.  Those people impact the same amount and the connections go on.

YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!  You DO change the community surrounding you for the positive or otherwise.

Happening Tomorrow: Your Turn Inspirators gather to share inspiration, motivation and strategies for staying on track through the holidays at Bronson Athletic Club 7:00 p.m

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