Fit Feeling

Good morning ladies,

Physical fitness feels good and looks go on you.  Nutritional health feels good and also looks good on you.  Combing both of those aspects of health feels Super Good and looks Super Good on you in your pair of jeans and cutie pa-tootie Christmas sweater with black boots and an infinity scarf around your neck.

Both of those aspects of health address the outside and inside of your physical body but does it make you feel satisfied; maybe for a short time, but in the long run you haven’t addressed the reasons you became so unhealthy in the first place.  To make yourself fully healthy you need to address the entire package of you which are parts of yourself that you can’t SEE, others cannot SEE but you, if and when you are honest with you, can feel.

Movement and nutrition are so easy to understand and, to be honest, deal with.  The more challenging parts of you, mental and spiritual take more time and possibly more help.

You see people getting physical fit and thin, maybe you have been on this roller coaster, but then go right back to where they were before.  Why?  Because they haven’t really changed the reason they let themselves go in the first place.  I remember 1 of the winners from the Biggest Loser; he lost SO MUCH weight.  Literally he lost more of himself than he had left but after he got home, life got back to normal and he was back to eating doughnuts by the bag full, sitting in the recliner telling his wife that she could go to the gym without him on that particular night (I saw this from a follow up Biggest Loser show).  He didn’t address or fully understand the full reason as to why he became unhealthy.

I applaud ALL of us who are trying to get physically healthy.  I applaud all of those who are looking at the foods they take in and making a change to add healthier options to their daily intake.  However, if you and I want to make the changes you are making stick for the long haul you need to address the underlying reasons.

When I was going through my physical change I was also going through some mental-health changes too.  I was discovering why I was the way I was.  I discovered how much guilt I had if I took time for myself.  I discovered the anger I had due to all the guilt.  I discovered I eat when I am tired.  I discovered that I thought I was too good to have to exercise, I felt entitled to being thin just because.  My list could go on and on but as my therapist and I sliced through the layers and layers of me I began to change in my mind; in a place where you couldn’t see, in a place where I could pretend didn’t exist.

Tremendous breakthroughs were done during that year of weekly therapy sessions.  However, even though I was working out, in therapy something was still missing….spiritual health.  I’m not talking about religion or church; I am speaking of a truth within myself but much deeper.  A connection to LOVE that I didn’t know even existed.  Once that final piece of the puzzle was discovered I became whole.  I began to look at myself and everyone else differently.  I truly feel in love with the me I am in my core.

This whole package is what Your Turn is all about.  Dawn and I are not experts in ALL things healthy but we are finding out who is.  We have been making many connections during this journey and want you to feel as complete and whole as you possibly can.  As we are looking to next year we are adding more components to Your Turn Programs.  We are adding a mental health aspect, a holistic health aspect in addition to physical movement and nutritional counseling and cooking classes; we don’t just want FIT LOOKING we want FIT FEELING.

Please be open to what FIT FEELING is all about.  If you have any questions and want to be put in touch with those who can help you from the inside out, please just shoot me an email.

Get Your Sweat On and Get Fit from the Inside OUT!

Your Turn



2 thoughts on “Fit Feeling

  1. Thanks Mel. You are just what I needed today . Was called to the E. R. yesterday, you maded me think of mom. How she olded and bone cancer. She is so sinny. A lot of people will be fat or very fat till that happens to them. again THANKS Mel

  2. Sorry to read about the ER visit, I hope everything is OK. Skinny can certainly be as unhealthy as overweight, that is for sure. My dad had cancer and he was so thin it was almost unbelievable. I know what you are talking about. My love to you, Gma!

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