Each Moment

Good morning ladies,

As we have all been reminded due to the tragic events yesterday, any moment past RIGHT NOW is NOT a guarantee.  Making the most of each moment seems even more necessary but it isn’t.  Every moment of every day should be as special.  We shouldn’t need horrific events to show us that we need to live in the right now.

Right now I am smiling as I write and listen to my boys in the next room over making a MESS with their beds.  They are taking mattresses off of beds, grabbing pillows and blankets from all over the house to make their “weekend” fort.  It’s a special treat for them as they are only allowed to do this on the weekend.  As I listen to them playing I do not hear them discussing that they will only be allowed to have it up till Sunday, I do not hear them bemoaning the infamous “later”.  They are treasuring this moment and so am I.

As the weather goes back and forth from warmer to cooler you do not see groups of animals gathering together to discuss what “tomorrow” will bring.  They take what they get and they don’t throw a fit.  They are in the very moment because that IS life.

Stopping my writing to hold my new favorite warm mug of tea, feeling the unevenness of the mug as it is homemade, the smooth texture and the almost sweet interior because I do like honey in my tea; that is a moment in time.  That very moment is to be treasured.

Breathing with life is to be treasured, even the moments that are awful, even the moments that you feel you want to die inside…you are here for a reason.  My heart goes out to all who have to wake up today grieving but it is the reminder that RIGHT NOW is all we have.

Please do not squander this day, take the necessary pauses to savor each breath, breathe into the love that is all around you but also breathe into the hurt.  Be thankful you are here to FEEL it all.

All my love,

Your Turn



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