A Personal Prayer

Good morning ladies,

I am thankful for all the challenges, hard times, loss of love, anger, even the hatred I have had in my life.  I am so grateful for the opportunities to look back on those times and know that I have learned something about me, my family, and my friends that I would have NEVER learned in good times only.

We say piss on the hard days, curse God when we lose a loved one, want to die with a broken heart when passion dies with a lover; however, those are the very times that make us STRONG, WISE, DETERMINED!

I finally went back to HOT YOGA yesterday and as I used to do I wept.  I stood in tree pose and lifted my hands to the heavens with only one thought in my mind, THANK YOU!  I am thankful that yoga is hard for me to do; I am thankful I do it anyway.  I was thankful as I looked to my right and saw my friend Sarah and Leslie struggling but DETERMINED to stay in that room even though it would have been easier to leave.

Are you able to be thankful for the challenges because you know they have made you wiser, stronger?  Are you able to be thankful of the loves before the loss because they make you a more giving lover?  Are you able to relish the hard days because you know they make the good days feel even better?  I know I am.  I LOVE the challenges because I know they are making me a better Mel.  I LOVE and am ever so thankful for the hard times because I know they make me give even more appreciation for the strength I gain from each of them.

I don’t want an easy life; I want a life that is rich in ALL experiences.  I want to go out of this life having felt it ALL.  Life, to me, is all about the feelings through the experiences.  I figure if I only get this one life or if I get multiple I want them to be FULL of feelings, FULL of lessons learned.  I know we are each here for a reason and I also feel fairly confident that those lessons are best learned when we deal with and overcome life’s challenges.

I am the Mel I am because of all I have done and gone through in my life and I am giving these thanks out to the Universe for ALL of it!

Get Your Sweat On and give GREAT THANKS

Your Turn



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