A Culture

Good morning ladies,

An example of a culture, http://anthro.palomar.edu/culture/culture_1.htm, This orangutan mother is using a specially prepared stick to “fish out” food from a crevice.  She learned this skill and is now teaching it to her child who is hanging on her shoulder and intently watching.

The culture of Your Turn is of service and giving; remember “we are a give give society”.  We want to intentionally be that in a way that we, each individually get some of our support needs met but we also pass it along.  We also want the culture to include volunteerism not only from you to YT but from you to other people and organizations all the while being selfish enough to have time for your health and wellbeing.

How the hell do you do that, you may be thinking, and the answer is…I don’t know how I just know it does work.

We have now had more than a few who have given of support to YT Inspirators who have said how much they receive in support by being it.  They have also mentioned how they felt their health and wellness improved while supporting others and they have felt their happiness rise and their feelings of good will improve.

I’m wondering if YOU feel stagnate?  Do you feel you reached a goal and now what?  I’ll tell you what, start supporting someone else reach their goal.  The energy you derive from being that support will motivate you to a new level of desire for your health and wellness.  There is nothing quite like knowing you are a part of another’s path that gets you moving on your own path.

Maybe you are stuck on your own path; you have a goal and you aren’t quite achieving it in the manner you wanted to…start supporting someone else and I guarantee that that alone will give you that push you need.  I know it seems counterproductive but it isn’t, it just isn’t.

This isn’t about YT needing something specific from you, this isn’t an ASK for you to give to YT.  This is only meant to be an explanation of what our goal is and how it can help you by YOU helping others.  This is our culture and we want it to be yours.

Don’t know how or where to give, shoot me an email, I know.  There are so many who have just started in YT, there are so many that have been in and are on a path to their health and wellness, there are so many goals we have for the upcoming year to support more and more.  I can point you in the direction you feel would best serve YOU.

Get Your Sweat On and get your Give Give On!

Your Turn



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