Bitch and Call Girls NO MORE!

Good morning ladies,

Are you aware of the impact you have on those who know you? We think that this is just for us, our health and wellness. To think that the selfishness we are developing is shaping how others view us may seem to be unreal. However, watching someone take ownership of themselves and their time is like a train wreck; we watch to see what the damages will be. As they are watching for the storm to hit you must be waiting for the blue skies on the other side. You need to be able and willing to build the brick platform to stand upon as the lava rises from the force of the volcano eruption. You need to walk into selfishness with a coat of armor on knowing that you are a little like David as he stood before Goliath.

Most girls were raised to be the bitch and call girls of the world. We were raised to be polite even as we are being molested by society. We were told that we need to shhh and look pretty in a dress even as we are angry we can’t be climbing the pine trees like “those boys”. There is a social acceptance of boys as they punch their friend in the face if they are insulted but not us girls, we need to be much more secretive and passive aggressive as we stab those who hurt us in the back.

These are the rules as we have been taught. It is the rare daughter who is taught to speak her mind and speak out the ugliness she feels at times. It is a rare mother who can handle raising a daughter unlike the way she was raised, pretty and quite but instead to be honest even when it isn’t sugar and spice and all that’s nice.

What happens when we let others know we are worthy of time for ourselves and the health of our own body? Typically at first may be some snickering, bickering and maybe even some downright anger. After a while, maybe a month or maybe a year you notice that things simmer down and it becomes normal that you take time for you and it gives your family and friends permission to do the same thing.

Being the first one to make the change is tough. It’s hard to be the one out on that limb that others are talking and laughing about. Cheering for you on the outside but deep down you feel that they are just waiting for you to fail. Many are so afraid of failure that we don’t bother to make that initial change. Maybe it’s because we’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked, maybe we have been taught that failure isn’t really an option and staying in the status quo is better even if it isn’t working.

The very minute you begin to go against the grain you are making an impact; you are telling others just how strong you are. The strength of one, however, isn’t nearly as strong as the strength of many. Your Turn is building that brick platform for you to stand upon as the lava rises. We have the manufactures making the coat of armor for you to slip into as you begin this change. We KNOW there are blue skies behind the storm you may face and we will keep reminding you of that when you forget. We know how challenging it is to make the changes you need to make alone, that’s why we’re here.

Today at 10am at Maple St. YMCA is our Gathering, Marnie from Kalamazoo Psychology, is going to be discussing how to get through the holiday’s without giving ALL of yourself away. She spoke at our Gathering last week and those who were there were reminded of their SELF and it felt good. It is great to know that we are all in this together and because of that we are stronger than 1. We are the collective and together we will take our health back, some of our time back and ALL of our self-esteem back. Join us in our FORCE!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn


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