A Reminder for Mel

Good morning ladies,

I was awoken this morning at 3:51am and found myself struggling to go back to sleep.  Finally when I got up I kept reminding myself that I am GREAT, I am going to have a very EXCITING day, I am going to have a FUN EXCITING day!  I am going to keep saying that to myself even though I am struggling with the idea of the day ahead; I don’t know if I have it in me to accomplish the things on my list.  In sitting down and asking for guidance on what the morning email should be I found myself reading some old ones and found this to be appropriate for myself today.

This email is a re-wind from 2/16/2012

Good morning ladies,

Yesterday I received a great gift of encouragement from the quiet eyes of my husband.  I was to go out for a 4 mile run and I wanted to but…..I had been home all day and it’s hard to get out once everyone gets in the house.  All he said was “you gonna go” and I replied “no”.  That was that, he said nothing else but I really did want to go and he was leaving a door open for me to follow my goal.  Finally, as I watched him begin to get food out to make dinner, which he does more than I do, I got up and got my stuff on and said “fine, I’m going”.  Between the time I said that and the time it took me to get my shoes on I was ready to go, mentally.  I was warming up down the driveway and was as happy as I get when my body and mind come together to accomplish something beautiful.  It was my fastest run of the year and I felt like a million dollars.  When I came back to the kitchen I told him how thankful I was that he so quietly encouraged me to do that run.  Now, he knew I needed that run more than I did.  He knew if he berated me into running I would have dug my heels in and pulled the “I’ll do what I want when I want” sulky teenager card (because I still really think I’m only 17 sometimes) but he also knew how great I’d be when it was over and he likes me best when I feel great.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to encourage others.  Do you give a little easy nudge in the directions of what their dreams are?  Do you drag them to get started knowing how great they will feel once they’re in a groove?  I feel the 1st step is taking the time to know what someone else’s dreams and aspirations are.  How often do we ask how someone is but we really don’t want to hear the long answer….how often do we dismiss someone when they tell you their dream because it seems a little too big or hard or “out there”….today I want to encourage you to tell someone your dreams, aspirations, goals…..I encourage you to really listen to someone when they want to say more than “I’m great” or “today’s Thursday, one more day till the weekend”…..

We are really here on this earth to be of service and support to others.  Be that support and service by HEARING what people WANT to say.  Be that quiet knowing someone who they will go to bed tonight thinking of as a part of their “best day ever”.  Be that someone whom is a little aggressive when someone is on the fence of going for that dream that is a little too big or too hard or too out there, take their arm and tell them that you believe in them.

Get out there and Get Your Sweat On and encourage someone else to do the same!

Your Turn





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