Accidental Finding

Good morning ladies,

I accidentally found the life I was meant to live because I stopped trying to live the life I thought I was supposed to be living.  I am an accident and I don’t mind, as a matter of fact I kind of enjoy my accidental happenings.

We strive so HARD to show the life we believe we are meant to live by another’s standards.  We went to school, maybe college, a job, a marriage, kids, more jobs thrown in there for good measure to say to the world, “See, I’m doing it right”.  We laugh when we are out to dinner with friends, we bet on football games, we take our kids to big hills in the winter to sled down them because these are grown up things, and these are things we should do to look a certain way.

I accidentally found true happiness while on a winter’s run.  I was somewhere around mile 8 just off of 9th street, the snow was falling pretty hard, I looked up and began crying, inside myself I was shouting to the heavens THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


I took that bliss home with me but lost it somewhere between, “mommy can you” and “Mel, did you stop by the German store” and “I thought you said you would be home early enough for me to get to the movie with…”.

See, I always thought that kids and husband and “A GOOD LIFE” were supposed to make us happy.  I was told, all the while growing up, “Marry a good man and life will be good”, “Children bring us happiness”, “Get a good education”.  No one EVER told me that happiness resides inside of you.  I was told the exact opposite.

I now pursue ways to find MY happiness.  Sometimes it is snuggling with my boys watching a cartoonie in my bed.  Sometimes it is wrapped in the arms of my husband.  Sometimes it is watching my daughter color a picture with her teenage friend at the kitchen table.  Sometimes it is knowing my oldest son is just safe.  However, more often than not it is when I am alone and running or meditating that true happiness is found and I get to bring that happiness to the other parts of my life.  I look inward FIRST; I no longer am interested in the standard of happiness because inside ME I have happiness. 

I try to look at happiness the same way I look at food.  When I see something I want to eat I questions myself, am I hungry and what am I feeling.  When I think I am in a happy state I question myself, am I happy inside or is this just funny, there is a difference.  Too many are living a lie, a laughter filled “happy” existence without knowing what true happiness is.  True happiness doesn’t have to be loud and laughter filled, that is only how society has set the standard and we follow it by assuming the one who is laughing the loudest is the happiest.  Let me tell you, I was a pretty loud laugher but I didn’t have true happiness.  My laughter is quieter and calmer now and I feel the happiest in my life. 

In this HAPPY holiday season, take a minute to check in with yourself.  Happiness isn’t presents or punch drunk fun; true happiness comes from a state of peace; I wish that gift for ALL.

Now, Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn




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