Stop Stopping at Good



Good morning ladies,

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon.  I actually just stopped mid chop of some vegetables for our chicken stir fry dinner because I knew I needed to get this thought out.

I bought this audio book called Good to Great and within 2 minutes of the beginning I had chills all over my body.  I have heard of this book by a few people and took a class recently where the premise was based upon it.  I couldn’t even get 15 words into it before I was stopped, as I said, mid chop.

“Good is the enemy of Great”, those were the words that stopped me cold!  In my mind I said, you’ve got that fucking right, Isn’t that the truth.  I have no idea what the author said after that.  I pushed pause and began thinking.

We get so caught up with ourselves stopped at the finish line of good.  OHHHH, look at me I ran a 5K this morning and all the praise comes in….wow, what a great job….I could never do that… should be so proud of yourself.  Now, I’m not here to burst a bubble completely HOWEVER, it is GREAT if it is your first one ever.  It is good if it is ANOTHER one that you get to put under your belt, BUT is good the same as GREAT?  Fuck no!!!  No way!!!  Did you push harder?  Did you support another person on their first one?  If not, then it was just good.  Now, good is FINE nothing wrong with good but let me tell you good isn’t great!

We don’t DESERVE a metal for good every day of the week!  We don’t deserve commendations for good enough….you want praise get GREAT!!!  Good is only good.

I am fully aware that we all have our idea of great and we all have our idea of good and they vary.  My version of good and great are only mine but I, upon my soapbox this afternoon want EVERYONE to get a different version of Good to Great.

I was told once when I was a bus boy in a restaurant back in my home town of Escanaba that, “you can make anything you do great”.  I was too young and stupid to know what that meant and I gave a ½ ass job of it.  I cleared and wiped tables and rolled silverware but did I make it GREAT, no!  I just did what I had to do to get by and get my pay check.

Dawn has said over and over that before training for the Kalamazoo Marathon that she ran one 5K after another after another and never did strive for better.  She was praised by her family and friends and was allowed to lie around for 2 days after the race because it took so MUCH out of her.  She looks back and tells me, “what was that, I thought what I was doing was so great” until she pushed herself further and harder.  She recognizes now that what she was doing was good but certainly NOT great!!

Yesterday as I was walking with a new YT Inspirator, Amy, we were discussing Weight Watchers and that it is certainly a good program BUT the same women would come in week after week bellyaching about why they aren’t losing weight but all they were really doing was showing up to the meeting and thought by just doing that they were pretty GREAT.  Now, Amy and I both agreed that we don’t go to meeting for that reason.  Listening to their “good” was certainly not great enough to keep us interested or feeling very motivated.  What they were doing was good, they recognized that they needed support and the meetings provided that for them but they aren’t about to slip into the great category because they were at that point of good is good enough.

GREAT takes EFFORT!!!  Great takes drive, great takes desire, great takes internal motivation, GREAT is way better than good.

Are you offended by this email?  If you are then that tells me and should tell you that somewhere inside of you GREAT is waiting.  How do you get there?  Stop settling for good enough, quit giving yourself praise for doing the same thing day after day that gets you NO EXTRA results.  Make a point to only tell people what you are doing that is one step further down the path away from good.  For instance, you are watching what you eat and not losing weight…start tracking your food intake.  For instance, you run 3 miles at the same pace 3 times a week….start adding some extra mileage in there or speed up your pace.  For instance, you set a goal but don’t work toward achieving it…..make a smaller goal and ACHIEVE IT!  For instance, you are doing your job at work just fine….go above and beyond.  For instance, you have reached the goal you set for yourself….start supporting someone else achieve theirs.

There is GREATNESS in each of us, let’s stop stopping at good enough and make it to GREAT today!  Give whatever you are doing today a little extra umph, a little extra savvy, a little extra push.  I believe in you, you ARE GREAT now let’s show it to the world!!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn




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