Good morning ladies,

Bear with me this morning as I am going through a few negative emotions.  A woman recently got on our FB page and criticized a want, If I could have anything I wanted, list (I have since deleted the comment on FB).  I keep wondering why she would want to do that.  Why would she want to make the women who were posting their wants feel bad?  Maybe she didn’t mean to, maybe it was unintentional?

The thing is it isn’t just a random one woman type thing, right, it’s normal for us to say what we want and others to criticize and say it isn’t possible.  Isn’t that why we keep so many goals inside of ourselves?

I don’t live my life that way anymore and it is challenging for me to be and hear others who do.  I spent part of my night just stewing about it…should I make a snide retort, no that isn’t what I am anymore.  Should I send a private message, maybe but how do I say it without getting negative?  Can let it go, obviously not as I am writing this email this morning.  I “hid” the comment and I know I need to move on but for me to do that I need to have some understanding.

Maybe the understanding I need isn’t about her, it’s about how I react to things.  I am coming off of years of being an OVER REACTOR.  I fly off the handle in anger and I will about hump your leg in excitement and love.  Both are probably a little over the top but I have always felt that they are who I am and I love me so I love those parts of me.  However, I am learning, through the help of my spirits and through meditation to live a calm and peace filled life.  I don’t want to block all of those parts of myself I just want to be more mindful of when I display them and I certainly want to tame the anger.

So what happened after that comment was made, no one else commented on the wish list with a wish.  What happened, the women who may have wanted to share were stifled.  Stuffed back down in fear and self-consciousness of what they say in criticism.

NO WAY, no way are the ones who want to keep us embarrassed by our desires and goals going win.  Say you speak a goal out loud to a friend and they laugh…what do you do?  Do you agree with her that it’s just silliness and let it go or do you STICK TO YOUR DEISRED GOAL AND GET ON WITH ACHIEVING IT? What about when you tell your mother-in-law about a dream and she say’s, “how are you going to do that” in a way that says what you are doing is stupid?  Do you put your dream on the back of the shelf and let it go or DO YOU STAND UP AND MOVE FORWARD letting her think what she wants?

Last night I was honored to speak at a Mindful Eating Clinic, Gail the YT Inspirator in charge said to us about “going against the current”.  That is so true, if we roll with the current of our society we will all be OBESE, EXHAUSTED and DEAD long before our time.

Let’s go against the current, let’s get a few splinters from going against the grain of the wood while we are achieving and dreaming and setting goals and meeting those nay-sayers head on with our heads held high and accomplishments racking up in stacks and piles and mountains behind us!!!  Let us be unafraid of criticism and sarcasm and the giggles of others while we are LIVING the life of our dreams!!!


Give me a goal and Get Your Sweat On!!!

Your Turn





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