Dress For Success!

Good Morning,

Today is Thursday. Are you prepared for this day? Are your bags packed?  I’m not talking about for a vacation, or diaper bags.  I am talking about your healthy snacks and your exercise bag for the day.  Bring your shoes!!!!!

Yesterday morning I had too many errands to do and chose to postpone my morning workout (Super proud of myself for postponing and not skipping). I had to get some work done on my car and would be waiting for about an hour.  I decided to wear my workout clothes to the auto shop so that I could go for a run and fit in some exercise while I wait.  You would have thought I walked into the customer waiting lounge NAKED! The waiting room was packed, a young woman in jeans and a sweater, a man in a suit, a man in cargo pants and a T-shirt, a woman with leggings and really cute red boots. I couldn’t exactly pin point what the appropriate attire for a customer waiting lounge was, but I could definitely tell running pants and coat were, for some reason, not!

The service lounge had been redesigned. The company had spent a fortune on a giant flat screen T.V., coffee station, fancy couch and chairs. I went for a run, outside where I felt my attire was more appropriate.  I went to bed with two missions on my mind. 1. Make it more socially acceptable to wear workout clothes at places where waiting is inevitable (Doctors offices, auto shops, grocery stores) and 2. Put treadmills in waiting areas instead of more places for Americans to sit and watch T.V. I will step down from my soap box now.

A YT inspirator told me that if she has to go home after work to change her clothes she will not exercise.  She packs her clothes and changes before she leaves work. She will exercise anywhere before she gets home. Are you aware of your danger zones, that one place that sucks you in and changes your plan for action?  Is it home, the office, the computer, the TV, errands? Make your plan, pack your bags and avoid the danger zone.

Mark your calendar for our December Gatherings!

Marnie Thomas of Kalamazoo Psychology will discuss “How to keep your sanity through the holidays and put yourself on your gift list”

  • Thursday Dec 6 12:10p.m. at the Your Turn Office
  • Monday Dec 10th 10:00 a.m. at Maple Street YMCA
  • Wednesday Dec 19th 7:00 p.m. at Bronson Athletic Club

Get Your Sweat On

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