The Story You Will Tell

Good morning ladies,

A thought came to me the other day as I was looking at the blinking line on the page at the YT twitter page.  Are you living the story you want to tell your grandchildren?

1st Kalamazoo Marathon

Momma Mel at the 16 mile marker of the 1st Kalamazoo Marathon

When I was fat all I thought about was babies, I had them and I thought the reason was so I could have lots of grandbabies.  I think grand parenting is where IT’S at.  As parents we have the responsibility of raising people, we need to think of their shot records, college savings, vegetables on their plate, manners….all sorts of things that mean we say things like….BECAUSE I SAID SO.  In my mind’s eye grand parenting is like baking cookies, loud toys, chasing kites, trips to places too ridiculous for the parents to spend their money on and so on.

I like to also think as a grandparent I will be telling lots of stories about, when your papa and I did…fill in the blank and see this picture of your nanna….fill in the blank and when your daddy or momma and I did….fill in the blank.  Being able to tell these stories takes a little effort on my part right now; 1 I need to be alive when they are born and old enough to tell these stories to, 2 I need to have true stories to tell them that are in some way exciting enough for them to give a shit about, and 3 I want to be healthy enough to MAKE stories with them for them to tell their grandchildren because I don’t want to live that long.


Rollerskating Party

I tell many stories to my children about my grandma Mamie, I loved her with my whole heart and even as I am just writing her name I have tears come to my eyes in longing for her.  Some of the things I remember are her jumping rope in her living room; she must have been in her 70’s.  I also remember her trying to ride a 2 wheel bike but decided the 3 wheel one would be better suited for her.  I actually can see her trying to get up on the seat of that 2 wheel thing, it had a bell AND a basket.  I don’t know why she was doing that, so funny.  I also remember her telling me to, “EAT REAL FOOD”.  She only had REAL maple syrup and REAL butter in her house.

My children have 3 completely different types of grandmothers.  The one they are currently closest too is Jimmy’s mom, she is VERY active.  As a matter of fact she just got another new hip and she is very irritated that it has set her dancing schedule back 3 months.  Our kids know that nanna exercises regularly because she talks to them about it.  They have been to watch her swim at swim class and think its fun when she takes them for long walks picking up little items as they go along.  Jeannie is healthier than many women I know in their 20’s.

Nanna for a walk with the boys

Are you healthy enough to make it to when your grandchildren are 3 and running everywhere with you chasing behind laughing?  Will your grandchildren be taking long walks beside you at the zoo or pushing you in the wheelchair because, “nanna can’t make it that far”?  Are you going to be the nanna that takes it all in from the sidelines telling your friends, “I wish I had their energy”?  Let me tell you, you could.  Are you going to leave them with memories of you doing with them or of you watching them?

What are you currently doing to create a great story for them to be riveted by?  Is your story, I got up, went to work, came home, ate, and watched TV?  I suppose you could tell them all about the difference between the type of shows that are on now and the ones from, “way back when” although I don’t know how much fun that would be.

Create a great story in your mind that you would love to tell and start living it.  Piece it out, write it down, and take a baby step toward that story every day.  Don’t put it off, the day of storytelling will be here before you know it.

We are trying to get back on track for Happenings Today.  To do this we NEED YOUR happenings.  What do you do regularly or what would you LIKE to do regularly?  I’m going back to the early stages of YT and I am going to post what I and a few others I know are doing but I want YOU to participate!!!  Lay it on me and I will post it on the appropriate FB page.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn







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