The Question

Good Morning!

You have come to expect that Your Turn is going to ask, what is your goal? What are you going to do today to get one small step closer to achieving your goal?

I was recently doing an interview about Your Turn.  The woman asked, ” I know what you do for YT, I know what YT does for other women, but what does YT do for you?” I had to create a mental dam to avoid a flood of emotions about to escape and quite possibly overwhelm the poor woman.  One of the most important changes that I feel Your Turn is responsible for in my life, is that I see myself becoming the woman that I used to envy.  I was the queen of four words, Hi…See You Later. I would not introduce myself because I was afraid of bothering someone.  I did not want to assume that people wanted to get to know me.  BEWARE! Your Turn has helped me to break down that barrier.  I put myself out there, and I am getting to know some of the most amazing people.  Don’t get me wrong I have made a few attempts that failed miserably.  I see those now as a challenge, not a self-defeating rejection. I look forward to meeting new people. I am excited to meet you and hear what your goal is. Watching the women I have met achieve their goals fills my heart with energy and inspiration.

The question is not only, what are you going to do today? But who are you going to ask about their goals?

Get Your Sweat On!




One thought on “The Question

  1. Dawn;
    You and Mel are a great inspiration; and you my friend are the best sister anyone could ever ask for. Follow your heart and your dreams will follow. Now, get your sweat on.
    Love you;

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