Your Turn is YOURS!

Good morning ladies,
Yesterday I did a blog post but for some reason forgot to send it out as an email.  If you are interested in reading it check it out at Determination, Get Some! and be inspired!
A few Happenings are coming up over the next few weeks and months…
Fitness Clothing Exchange, is going on on December 2nd from 5-6pm at Chung’s Tiger Tae Kwon Do in Portage.  This is a GIVE GIVE, you give your gently used fitness apparel, you can shop for gently used fitness apparel FOR FREE!  Also, if you are just in want or need of fitness apparel just come in and shop.  If you are NOT in need of fitness apparel, just come in and donate!!!  We are so thankful to Melissa Leach of XTreme Zumba and Chung’s for making this happen, let’s show our appreciation by giving and getting.
Volunteers are NEEDED by Your Turn.  We are in need of women who are willing to give of their time and talent and treasure.  
  • TIME & TALENT:  We have a need for volunteers to do data entry, social media, filing, basic accounting….and more.  You can name the amount of time you have to give and we’ll take it and put you to LOVE WORK.  Your Turn loves to be a give give and right now we are looking for willing givers
  • TREASURE:  We have a need in our office for some used or if you have it unused (AWESOME) office equipment and furniture. Office chairs, desks, laptops, printer, paper, office phone; if you have things of that nature sitting around and you are looking to make a donation, we’re willing to pick it up and take it off your hands.  Maybe you have nothing lying around but would like to donate financially toward some of the things we are in need of, we won’t turn you down.
  • LET US KNOW:  All you need to do is give a call or email and let us know what you are willing to GIVE to the Your Turn GIVERS.
Happenings are changing.  Your Turn has recently branched out to ERIE, PA….can you believe it!!!!!  Hicum was so inspired by the lives Your Turn was helping in our area that she is taking it upon herself, with some help of course from all of us, to start up a YT in PA (that was funzies to write!!!)  Because of this I have looking at how we can change up happenings as our happenings don’t need to go there but our email chain will be going out there, I hope that makes sense.  So, YT will be working on a calendar of Happenings but we, again, need YOUR HELP.  Happenings are what YOU are doing regularly that you are willing to welcome someone else to join you at. Say you take an exercise class regularly and you are willing to welcome another person to take that class with you, you tell YT what that class is and when you go and we’ll list it.  Maybe you plan on going to a cooking class and are willing to meet up with other YT Inspirators, let us know and we’ll put it on there.  This is another GIVE to YT and we are so appreciative.  For right now you will be able to look at our FB wall to check out the Happenings going on.  These are FB Pages so you DO NOT need to have Facebook to look.  This is only temporary as we develop our calendar of Happenings for each area we are working in.  We will keep you updated but PLEASE don’t wait to give us your Happenings, Thanks!
YT 1/2 Marathon Training Program.  If you are interested please sign up at YT 1/2 Marathon We begin training on January 16th in Kalamazoo and January 21st in Otsego (Yes, we have a training program in both areas.  Can you even believe how this has grown!!!)  Our goal is YOU getting to the start line of that 1/2 Marathon in April stronger and fitter than you are when you start.  We want 100% of all those who trained to be having their picture taken crossing the finish line!!!
We want idea for what YOU want next year.  Here are a few ideas we have.
  • We have had an offering from Marnie at Kalamazoo Psychology to do a Why Women Love Too Much weekly session.  This would resemble our 10 week programming sessions.  My take on it was, why is it that we love others so much more than we love ourselves.  Why and when did we stop loving ourselves enough to take care of our physical and mental health?  I have met with Marnie, this is going to be a GREAT program if we have the interest.
  • More C25K Training Programs, we have had so many great things come out of these and have so much interest in having more but to do so we NEED volunteers to help us run them.  If you want to be a part of a C25K let us know but if you are willing to be a leader running our C25K program let me know also!
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon.  Kristie and I were at a Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fundraiser and I was speaking to a woman who, every year for the past few years, as walked the 20miles for 3 days in a row in Detroit for Breast Cancer.  She has trained alone for all these years and I got to wondering if she would be interested in training and training with a group of women who would be interested in doing this also.  I spoke to her last week and she would be interested, willing and able.  Would you be interested in being involved in something like this?  Obviously it is for a great cause AND so many of us have been touched by breast cancer either individually or in our circle of family and friends.
  • Walk across the bridge on Labor Day
  • TRI training program.  Jessica accomplished her goal of doing a sprint triathlon this year and from her experience and the pictures posted we have had an influx of women who are desiring to do this in 2013.  Are you one of them?  Have you done one and would like to be a volunteer to help run this program?
  • Book Club
  • Snow Shoeing
We need to know what you want.  Your Turn is for you from you!!!
Last thought, Thanksgiving is over so THROW AWAY THE LEFT OVER PIE!!! and Get Your Sweat On
Your Turn



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