Determination – Get Some!

Good morning ladies,

I hope each of you had time to reflect on all things, people and feelings in your life you are thankful for, I know I did.  I am thankful for many things but the number one thankfulness is the new-found love I have of myself.  For the first 37 years of my life I didn’t like myself very much let alone love myself.  I, over this past year, have truly fallen in love with me and where I fit in the world.  I guess I am quite thankful for my selfishness, who would have thought that…pretty funny.

Once I get past my own personal love of self I move on to many other people and feelings that I have thankfulness for and they are more than I ever saw or imagined I could see.

When I think of YT I think of how much I am thankful to know so many woman who are ready to make their health a priority.  Yesterday 3 determined YT Inspirators gave themselves the gift of appreciation.  They appreciated the way their bodies are so much so that they put it to the test, the test of a 10K, which is 6.2 miles.  These 3 women are special for many reasons but one of which is their determination to make what they want, health and wellness wise, a priority.

Here is a little of the back story on each of these women.

I have spoken of Melissa quite a few times in my emails/blog because she is the woman who brought YT to Greater St. Joseph Co.  She was the very first request to have a 5K training there and so it was.  She could have just trained for and run her 5K and been done with us but that isn’t what she did.  She felt so inspired and amazing that she wanted to support other women feel as she did.  She wanted to be the change in the community that she wanted to see.  She gave of herself unselfishly as she helped run the Runners of White Pigeon C25K group.  It was in that group that she met Chris and Sara.

When Melissa 1st engaged Sara and Chris

Chris and Sara met each because they took the chance, risk, whatever you want to call it and came into the middle of the C25K White Pigeon group, they just showed up.  Maybe they were nervous about showing up to something where they didn’t know anyone, maybe they were the tiniest bit afraid that they wouldn’t be able to do what the other women were doing, maybe they were a little apprehensive about showing up somewhere where all the women were already friends and they were the newbies but it didn’t matter.  Show up they did and they were READY!  Other women in that group were dropping like flies for various reasons but not these two.  These two women were determined to make it to the start line of the 5K race and as soon as they accomplished that goal they were ready to take on the next goal.

Runners of White Pigeon Race Day - Sara and Chris w/ her medal!

Runners of White Pigeon Race Day – Sara and Chris w/ her medal!

It was sort of a hodgepodge training in that we would run together on Thursday nights but I couldn’t run with them due to my ankle injury, Melissa was so sick for most of the training that she couldn’t run with them and Cindy, a runner of White Pigeon who broke her toe just before the 5K race would show up and run a shorter distance.  It was a little like mayhem.  It didn’t matter, they knew within themselves that this was what they were going to do and they made it work.  Facebook, texting, phone calls of encouragement kept the momentum going and the excitement of each week up and running.

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co, Chris Sara and Cindy

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co. during Cindy's 1st 3 mile full run EVER!!!

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co. during Cindy’s 1st 3 mile full run EVER!!!

Night run, Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co. – Sara, Melissa, Ann and Cindy

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co - Sara Chris Melissa and Mel

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co – After their last training run – Sara, Chris, Melissa and Mel

So on Thanksgiving morning, Melissa Sara and Chris got up extra early and drove to Indiana to run the race they have been determined to do.  Their nervousness about the race kept them up too late, got them up too early with the jitters!  Did they do it, you  betcha!!!

Speedy Chris

Speedy Chris

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co. Race Day - Sara Melissa

Dynamic Duo, Sara and Melissa with their cheerers!

Runners of Greater St. Joseph Co. Race Day

10K Finishers!!! Chris, Sara and Melissa

So the question is….are you as determined to accomplish your goal?

Get Your Sweat On

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