It’s A Race

Good morning ladies,

There are a group of women that are waking up with a slight sense of anxiety this morning. Three days until RACE DAY! The entire core of Your Turn is working together to support each other towards achieving your goals. Here is the catch, IT’S YOUR GOAL! Support is what gets you to the starting line. You have to make it to the finish. It’s not a three legged race. It is your own race!

One of the greatest obstacles women complain about is the fear of holding someone back. You have to get over that! Give up the idea that someone wouldn’t want to exercise with you because they are in better shape than you. On the flip side don’t feel bad about gaining speed and pushing ahead. “I’ll see you at the finish line!”

One Inspirator who has overcome extraordinary obstacles will be walking the 5k on Sunday. Her comment to me was “I don’t want everyone to be waiting for me because I will be the last one.” It is worth repeating YOU ARE NOT HOLDING ANYONE BACK, IT IS YOUR RACE! She has never been to a race. Once you cross the finish line you don’t want to leave, you want to stay and cheer everyone on.

It took me a long time to figure out that my pace only matters to me. Your race day may not be a 5k, it may be preparing a healthy meal, it may be a work deadline, it may be just getting out the door. Your mantra for today “I’ll see you at the finish line!”

I hope that everyone can come to the Jingle Bell Run at Celery Flats this Sunday at 2:00 to cheer on everyone that has overcome obstacles to get to the finish line.


Get Your Sweat On




One thought on “It’s A Race

  1. Dawn. Thank You so much for this e mail. It made me feel a heck of a lot better about always holding who ever runs with me back. I truly hope one day I will do the same for someone else. I am a bit nervous for Sunday as I too have never done a 5k before. But I will be there with bells on ( literally ). Thanks for making me feel better


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