Hot Off the Press!

Good morning ladies,


Your Turn has a few upcoming activities we would like for you to be a part of over the next few weeks and months.

Healthful Holiday Helpings – This FOR FREE clinic held by Lexie RD will help us all get a little lighter around the waist, a little less than around the hips over this holiday feast time.  Great lighter calorie recipes for traditional holiday meals and discussions about how to make some time for movement during this busy season.

WHEN:  November 14th @ 7pm

WHERE:  Gazelle Sports, 214 South Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo MI

QUESTIONS:  Contact Gazelle’s or Lexie RD

Fitness Apparel Exchange Going through your drawers and closet? Are you finding that you have items you just don’t wear anymore? Want to find them a good new home? Bring your unwanted but gently used “Fitness” clothing to exchange with or donate to others.  Also, feel free to just come and “shop” what has been donated FOR FREE!!!

WHEN:  December 2nd @ 5pm

WHERE:  Chung’s Black Belt, 7612 Westnedge Ave, Portage MI 49026

QUESTIONS:  Contact Melissa L Zumba

Please share the word and invite ALL your friends.  All items will be FREE and anything left will go back to the original owner or donated to a good cause.

BONUS:  Anyone who donates can participate in Sunday, December 2nd Class for just $4, that’s 50% off!!!!!

½ Marathon Training Program – So you’ve run/walked a 5K and don’t want to quit now…join us for a ½ marathon training where we will gently take you from that 3.1 mile distance all the way to a 13.1.  I did it, Dawn did it, Rene did it and so can YOU!!!  Yes, you really can do this!  Your Turn has partnered with Bronson Athletic Club and Just Move Fitness and More to not only make this happen but to get you to the start line of the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon stronger and healthier than when you began.

Due to the desire on all parts to get you strong and healthy during our training program we will have 2 weekly group runs, 1 weekly Hips and Core Strength class, Physical Therapist available 1 time each week and a registered Dietician 3 times during the 12 week training course.  We mean business!

WHEN:  January 16th @ 6pm

WHERE:  Bronson Athletic Club, 6789 Elm Valley Drive, Kalamazoo MI 49009

QUESTIONS:  Contact Melodie

Because we want to ensure YOUR health during this training we are only opening it up to the 1st 40 women.  Commit now to grow in your fitness level!

Certainly there is something on this list you can get behind!  We look forward to seeing you over this holiday season!

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn






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