Intended Intentions

Good Morning

A very wise Your Turn Inspirator shared with me, that when she feels hurt by someone’s actions she first tries to consider the persons character and then tries to determine their intentions. Chances are the person did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sunday morning was the Grand Rapids Marathon. I personally had a friend that was running in it. I intended on going to cheer and support her. I rallied a small group of people to go. The night before the race, my small group depleted. The morning of the race, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise. Tasks that I could accomplish began to flood into my mind. How nice it would be to stay home, pay bills, catch up on laundry, yard work, on and on. Then I began the rationalization phase; I am the only one going, my friend didn’t need me there. No one was relying on me to be there. Welcome to my crossroad. This is where you decide Your Turn! Are you going to take the direction that leaves your intention as just that, an intention, and hope that you get some credit for intending? Or are you going to turn your intention into action? Do what you said you were going to do (even if you only said it to yourself).

The definition of an intention is to have in mind as a purpose or goal. The definition of intend is a determination to act a certain way.


Purpose… Goal… Determination…

Gr Marathon 2012 2

GR Marathon 10

GR Marathon 9

It all sounds so positive and full of motivation! It is up to you. It is your decision. It is Your Turn. Which direction are you going to take? I stood on the corner of the last turn, less than 1/2 mile to the finish line. I cheered as the first marathoner passed, in absolute awe of his ability and amazing stride(o.k. I mean body). I cheered for the first female. I high fived at least a hundred runners, I encouraged complete strangers not to stop, that this was the final stretch.

GR Marathon 8

GR Marathon 5

The last half mile, You can do it! You look great! This is Your Time to Shine! (It is very easy for me to become overwhelmed by the excitement and lose somewhat of my sense of self awareness). One woman as she ran asked the crowd to cheer for daughter Amy that was only a minute behind her. You could hear the shouts like approaching thunder “Go Amy!!!”(seriously tears as I type). Another woman that looked to be in her late 40s, was obviously exhausted and at the limit of what her mind and body could endure. She caught my eye and asked me “how much farther?” I was so delighted to reply “This is it, the last turn, your going to make it, just go straight to the finish line” She started balling, picked up her chin and started to run. It was Larry’s 70th birthday and his 12th marathon. I got so carried away cheering for Larry that I almost missed my friend as she passed. My experience was not what I intended. It was so much more. And to think, I could have been doing laundry. Today is a perfect day to turn an intention into an action!

Get Your Sweat On



5 thoughts on “Intended Intentions

  1. Thank you!!! I have been have been wavering about the Portage Winterblast Half Marathon. I would love to join all of my running buddies, but I will be running the Disney Princess Half the following weekend. Two half marathons in 8 days?!? Probably not my best plan!!! Instead I will plan a cheer station at the Winterblast for all of my running friends, and those runners who’s names and stories I may never know. February 17th will be my turn to give to those runners who may need it a little boost. Thank you for reminding me that running events are not only about running.

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