My Best Self

Good morning ladies,

My love song to me and you,  Just The Way You Are

I am in love with me, not in a self-centered, egotistical, mean way; but in a way that says I am being all that I can be and I am good with that.  There are days I, like everyone else on the planet, question if I can do more, be better, go above and beyond but I then take a deep breath and know that I am the me that I am for a reason.


I don’t need to be like you because we already have a you but we don’t have another Mel.  A Mel that is pretty comfortable in yoga pants for days on end with the added benefit of an ugly grey sweater with the collar coming off, a little too foul mouthed, riding her wild raging river until she crashes into an embankment.

We are all, at one time or another told that we need to tweak, out right change, and/or be completely different but why?

As I move forward in my love for Your Turn I want to accept you as YOU are, right now.  No changing required.  You want to weep on my shoulder and smear your make-up, ok.  You need to rant about you not getting to the best you fast enough, ok.  You feel the need to quietly sit on the sidelines biding your time, ok.  You want to show up in a swimming suit too worn and a little too see through, ok.

As I accept those things in you, please accept them in me.  I want Your Turn to be honest, truthful, loving and to do that I need to be me.  That means sometimes you are going to need to excuse the bombs that explode out of my mouth in excitement, giggle with me when I video blog from my bed in my pajamas, forgive my misspellings and grammatical errors on the email/blog posts, and allow me time to navigate this new world we are creating.


Your Turn is giving you its best self and I trust you can feel that.  Because you accept us, we accept you.  That’s it, we both win.

Today go into the world knowing that you, in this moment, at this time are being the BEST POSSIBLE YOU THAT YOU CAN BE!

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Dawn, today she is in Grand Rapids running her FASTEST 5K EVER!!!  She has been training for this for quite some time and she is finally going to set her record.  Dawn, today, whether you crush your goal or you slip short, please know that Your Turn loves you just as you are, fast, slow or somewhere in between.  Run like the wind, my friend, run like the wind!

Get Your Sweat On my friends,

Your Turn



4 thoughts on “My Best Self

    • Thank you, sometimes NOT morphing into someone else’s version of your best you is a challenge but I will try to navigate in growth that feels true to who I am.
      I trust you are navigating your best you as well. Good luck to all of us!

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