Email from an Inspirator

Hello Your Turn Ladies,

I first met Melodie at the women’s expo at wings stadium and as we chatted about Your Turn I could tell that she was on to something, how big and inspiring it would become I had no idea!!! But I decided to follow the action and see how Your Turn was going to develop!!

Everyday for months I have been receiving messages of inspiration from your group! Although I haven’t been able to connect in person with your group I have been secretly inspired!! I myself have gained some weight not a huge amount but enough to make me uncomfortable in my own skin! One day while in my office I mentioned to my boss that I was thinking about taking up biking little did I know that she was a huge bicyclist and immediately was excited and wanted me to join her on her daily rides!! So I started out on a crappy mountain bike which I could not even pedal up the hills on our ride and found myself getting off and walking it up the hills but I was determined not to give up! On our second ride I was really struggling and Kim (my boss) said Marnie please just try my bike it is so much easier to ride! I turned her down and said no I can make it as I thought my legs were going to explode! After a few more miles I gave in and we switched bikes I fell in love! What a difference the right bike makes I had no idea, I thought if you had a bike you could just ride, boy was I wrong!!

So the next day I went and bought myself a new bike! I sold the old crappy one on craigslist and never looked back! I started riding with Kim 20 miles every other day! I had also found this amazing app on my phone called My Fitness Pal where I could track my food and calorie intake! I started to lose weight fast and was loving every minutes of it! I had a great friend to ride with and I finally found a new way to understand the food that I was eating! Before I knew it I had lost 28lbs! Kim and I also started to ride in different bike tours to raise money for various causes and it just felt good to be part of something bigger than I was! At the end of summer I ended up purchasing a road bike which would allow me to ride so much further and Kim who was thinking she would get one maybe next year broke down and decided to buy one this year as well and then we started our new adventures together riding in tours that were 300 miles! I never thought I would see the day I could do that! It is amazing the strength and motivation that we can pull from one another. I am so grateful for the day I told Kim that I was thinking about taking up biking it has truly changed my life!

Kim and I have taken our biking to a new level because of one another! We have also joined a gym together which I had never done before and participate in several classes there every week! This has been an amazing journey and I am glad to share my story with you all! I will be attending your Turn Meetings in the future and I am looking forward to meeting many of you! Thank you for letting me share my story!



Here’s my take away from this; Marnie spoke of her desire, even thought she didn’t know where it would lead, to someone else.  One of the points of Your Turn is to encourage YOU to state your desire; Marnie didn’t know by just making a statement about bike riding would lead her to find a passion just waiting to be released.

What passion is hidden within you?  Open up, say it out loud; you never know where it will lead you!

Weekend Happenings:

GRAND RAPIDS MARATHON is on Sunday!  Congratulations to all those who have trained for by eating sleeping and dreaming running!

Kalamazoo Co


Ø 9am & noon – Kettle Bell @ Maple St. YMCA – Please note this is a paid class; please check with the Y for the amount.

Ø 8pm – Xtreme Zumba @ The Venue – $10 at the door for 2 hours of sweaty funzies zumba; it’s Guys Night so bring your man and he gets in FOR FREE!


Ø 9:15am – Zumba Senato @ Trinity Lutheran School in Paw Paw – Please note this is a paid class ($5)

Ø 10:30am – Body Blast @ Portage YMCA (please go early as to get a spot and have help setting up if this is your first class)

Ø 10:30am – Zumba @ Maple St. YMCA


Ø 12:30pm – Water Fitness @ Maple St. YMCA

Ø 2pm – Zumba Senato @ Trinity Lutheran School in Paw Paw – Please note this is a paid class ($5)

Ø 3:30pm – Zumba @ Chung’s Black Belt in Portage – Please note this is a paid class; check with Melissa for pricing

Greater St. Joseph Co.


Ø 8am – Quick Core @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing

Ø 9am – Awakening Yoga @ Zimmyville Fitness in Union – Please note this is a paid class; check with Kena for pricing


Ø A run with the Runners of St. Joseph Co. It is usually in the evening, if you are interested let me know and I will get you in touch with the appropriate person.

Have a GREAT weekend and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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